God of Dawn and Renewal
Morninglord, Dawnbringer
Ageless God Male

Lathander was a Faerûnian greater god with a vast portfolio including birth, renewal, spring and youth, as well as athletics, self-perfection, vitality and creativity. The Morninglord was symbolized by the rising sun, but rather than being the god of the sun itself, he was the god of dawn, which represented the potential of a new day. A god of hope and beginnings, Lathander's name was invoked at the start of new endeavors, whether sealing a new deal, or setting out on a new journey.

§ Interactions
10 #TheGoldenDawn Hazel picked up the Summer Star and attuned to the orb, as the same radiance began to fill the room. Some party members ran for cover. But the light's warmth healed their wounds, a vision of gold filled their hearts, and they felt an extra-planar voice admit, "Well Done." Tetro stood blinking and alive in the middle of the Black Cabin, and for a brief moment, the spirit of Macreadus could be seen laughing in celebration of the Summer Star's successful construction. The party received a Blessing of the Morninglord, 10 temporary hit points at dawn from Lathander. Outside, for a clear mile by sight, the winter had vanished and the hills had a verdant green, yet a chill wind seemed to follow the warm breezes. On the wind, sibilant whispers were heard, like the crackle of frost.