Ulkora Weavebender


Bear Tribe Shaman
Middle-Aged Human Woman
Glowing, Maternal, Fierce

§ Interactions
27 #FourReghedTribes #Prisoner13 Their shaman, Ulkora Weavebender, was able to replicate the lock-breaker tattoo for Fern for a modest trade of 60 gp alongside sea hag blood. Oona, intrigued by the Bear Tribe's tattoos, asked to receive the markings. It would cost an outsider, said Ulkora, but after finding 500 gp of trade, alongside some mayonnaise from Gadget's alchemy jug to fatten the deal, Oona sat down to receive the Bear's Eldritch Claw. Ulkora removed her bear mask, revealing the glowing, ruddy face of a middle aged Reghedswoman, and set to work.
27 #FourReghedTribes After her inking, Oona recalled that she recognized the shaman. She had dreamt of Ulkora Weavebender and recalled it as so: "You are the shaman of the Bear Tribe. The Bear King’s third wife has come to you for help with her morning sickness. You brew her the same concoction you brewed for the last two wives, to make her and her child waste away. Perhaps the King will recognize your love for him now and take you to wife. The snow beneath your feet vibrates, each crystal forming a note of a discordant voice. It says, This is the virtue of Cruelty."