Frost Druid
Young Adult Human Woman
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§ Interactions
11 #battle #LakeMonster The party fought the plesiosaurus from their rowboats as well as from nearby ice floes after Crank netted it. They were surprised when the beast spoke! It had been awakened by Ravisin to terrorize Ten Towns and convinced by her that if it failed to kill in reverence of the the Frostmaiden, then she would revoke its new-found intelligence. The party, with mixed-feelings, decided it was best to neutralize the murderous beast.
09 #TheWhiteMoose A dying Ravisin seemed pleased with her fate. She explained her malcontent with the Dalefolk for the mistreatment of her sister Vurnis, which Old Huntsman Clive later expressed was most likely her rape. Vurnis was a Midwinter Child, a blessed girl and the fairer of the two sisters. She had left Lonelywood months ago to seek her destiny only to meet mistreatment. She turned to the cult of Auril, becoming a frost druid. Ravisin in her youth was the less fortunate of the sisters: lesser in wits, achievement, and charms. She followed Vurnis everywhere, and thus followed her sister into a radicalized worship of the Frostmaiden.
09 #TheWhiteMoose The northern half moon tomb also contained a rack of drying herbs and charcoal the druid had been utilizing, from which Fern took enough samples to use for a future Find Familiar summoning. There was also an awakened shrub that the party named Joey the Shrub. It was terrified, both of Ravisin and of being sentient, and it had some tasty berries. The shrub told of how Ravisin had traveled around the lakes and forest of Ten Towns awakening animals to do her bidding. The white moose is one of these creatures, though it eventually took a far more frightening form. Ravisin blamed the powers of the Elven Tomb or the elvish banshees of the forest for this. Tetro tried to convince Shrub Joey to climb on his back, but the shrub was too overwhelmed to accept.
08 #TheWhiteMoose The half moon chambers of the Elven Tomb contained sarcophagi. In the southern room, the sarcophagus was opened and disheveled. In the north room, Crank saw a drying rack of herbs, druidic implements, and a nude, intact body of a recently dead woman lying atop the sarcophogus. A berry bush in the corner of the room seemed to move as well, but before Crank could react, Ravisin, a frost druid who was skulking in this room could no longer stay hidden. An altercation erupted between her and Crank, leading to battle.
08 #TheWhiteMoose Old Huntsman Clive called out to his granddaughter, but Ravisin responded only in derision. Clive gasped at the body of Vurnis, who had long gone missing and was presumed dead. Ravisin blamed the Ten Towners for Vurnis's death, cursing the moral failings of humankind and seething about the need to return the world to nature. Worshiping Auril breathed new life into her, Ravisin said, and it was Vurnis who showed her this faith. Vurnis, who was abused by the men of Ten Towns, was more alive in her death than the party could imagine, Ravisin raved. When the party asked about the moose, Ravisin jeered at them. The so-called moose, she said, was doing a splendid job ridding the Dale of the blight of its human occupants.
08 #battle #TheWhiteMoose Ravisin conjured a dozen wolves to attack the party. The party managed to fend for themselves while they broke the frost druid's concentration, dispelling the wolves. Ravisin wild shaped into an owl and attempted to flee, but was caught by ranged attacks and came crashing into the moon dial. Calling out to her dead sister Vurnis and beseeching Auril to witness her, she cast a maelstrom of ice onto the party and herself, ending her own life.