Captain Bluebeard


Middle-aged Human Man

§ Interactions
22 #DarkDuchess The captain's log hinted that the ship had sighted Iceclaws, the famed white wyrm of the north. “That damned white dragon is back, circling above me like a vulture. Reckon she could carry this ship back to Luskan were she of a mind to. To die from starvation, bitter cold, or a dragon? Choices, choices.” The dragon apparently attacked a few days later, mooring the ship in an ice floe. Facing doom, the first mate, Sephek Kaltro, and the ship surgeon planned to head out with dogs to find help while Captain Bluebeard remained on board to guard their cargo and rum. Unfortunately, a passenger referred to as the mage Nass, stole off with the dogs before dawn broke, leaving Sephek and the unnamed surgeon on foot. In the captain's quarters they found a chest within which was some loot as well as an Eyes of the Eagle, which the captain had used to spot threats on the horizon. The captain himself lie dead in his chair, frozen stiff. The rum, the party later found, was largely missing from the holds.
22 #DarkDuchess In the first mate Sephek Kaltro's cabin, they found a journal chronicling the Luskanite's travels. He wrote about his child, back in Luskan. He wrote, in worry, about the increasingly icy seas and Captain Bluebeard's dragon sighting, thinking to increase his prayers to whichever gods may help his passage through the Sea of Moving Ice. His final journal entry, dated at the beginning of the Fading, the 9th month, a month or two before the party arrived into Icewind Dale, was grim. He remarked that he and the ship surgeon would be setting out into the tundra, hoping to reach Ten Towns, forced to walk into the wilds after the majority of their dogs were stolen by Nass Lantomir. He wished for the endurance to bear this trial.
20 #ADuergarPlot With the purchases made from Frozenfar Expeditions, Jarthra, on axebeak, guided the party through the foothills of Kelvin's Cairn without incident. With fresh powder and a light flurry in the skies, the party scouted the outpost that was chiseled into the mountainside. Fern conjured a spider familiar, which crept into a bunker, detecting two duergar sentries before getting squashed. They huddled to hatch a plan, eyeing the main gate. They messaged Captain Arlaggath their rough whereabouts. They were going in.
18 #ChardalynCaper #CauldronCaper Returning to the town hall, the party reconnected with Speaker Danneth Waylen and Captain Imdra Arlaggath, who had sorted out their guards. It appears that a town clerk,Prudence, betrayed them and let in several ruffians and possible Zhentarim who were targeting the Cauldron of Plenty. Fortunately for the party, the duergar chardalyn thieves walked in on this scuffle and capitalized on the mayhem, knocking out both Easthaven guards and their assailants before taking off with the black ice. With great thanks, the speaker was able to finally pay the party for the cauldron.
18 #ADuergarPlot Crank took out Durth Sunblight's missive to his brother Nildar and handed it to Captain Arlaggath. The party explained what they learned about the duergar during the encounter on the ferry. The speaker and the captain took the threat seriously, remarking that rumors of duergar have been brewing. Reghed Nomads and Goliath trading parties have brought stories to Easthaven of scorched swathes of tundra in the foothills of the Spine of the World. Speaker Waylen mulled over his need to discuss the Duergar threat at the next Council of Speakers, typically at the end of the month. The next slated date is the 30th of Uktar, but Waylen expressed a desire to push for an earlier meeting. He urged the party to deliver their report at this next meeting to notify the speakers if there are any new sightings - for the safety of Ten Towns. In order to remain in touch, Speaker Waylen secured a sending stone for the adventurers.
17 #CauldronCaper At the Easthaven Town Hall, a large three story building with several guards and attendants that serves as both political offices and a community center for the city, the party split into two groups. Tetro, Hazel, and Oona chewed the chud with the town guards in the reception hall while watching the cauldron. Azgul, Crank, and Fern headed into the administrative office where a young, nervous clerk named Prudence waited on them. They asked to see Captain Imdra Arlaggath regarding the missing fishermen bounty.
17 #CauldronCaper The party intrigued Captain Arlaggath to take a look at the cauldron. She, in turn, notified Speaker Waylen. The dry, tired, but direct politician was happy to trade. He offered six gemstones, appraised at roughly 500 gp a piece, which he would retrieve to complete the trade in the morning. He offered to watch over the cauldron, and the party obliged him, asking for it to be locked in a free cell.
15 #DzaanIsDead #ToilAndTrouble The elvish Captain Imdra Arlaggath and human town speaker Danneth Waylen were overseeing Dzaan's execution. Waylen left soon after the fire was lit, but Imdra remained with her town guard. Azgul approached the captain with Hazel surreptitiously shadowing him. Azgul learned from Captain Arlaggath that Dzaan was executed, using wood no less, as a warning against evil in the realms. The red wizard had been convicted of murdering four Easthaven adventurers, who he had reportedly hired several weeks ago for expeditions into the tundra. His belonging were confiscated from his lodging at the White Lady Inn and taken to the Town Hall, though Arlaggath kept two magic items for herself as a prize for his arrest. Arlaggath was willing to part with an item as a reward for investigating the missing sailors of Lac Dinneshere.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller The party met Naerth Maxildannar in his lodging on the second floor of the Luskan Arms. Captain Skath stood guard and was about to turn the party away, but Naerth, who was feeding his pet flying snakes, heard Crank outside and let them in. Naerth was so pleased to see "his boy" Crank, though, perhaps, the feeling wasn't mutual. Naerth extolled the virtues of the current lottery, the strength and importance of Targos, and the dire straits that he believes Ten Towns is in with the current winter. He so warmly offered his services to the party. He and Skath were off to meet Torg over the lottery escapee, and the party decided to accompany them.