Naerth Maxildannar


Speaker of Targos
Middle-Aged Human Man
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§ Interactions
15 #TheMeadMustFlow As the party was preparing to leave town, a scuffle broke out at the Good Mead hall. Several thugs were running away, licking their wounds as Shandar Froth and his loggers hollered at them to get lost. Oona grappled a thug.Crank clotheslined another, picking him up with an arm for questioning. Crank recognized the Zhentarim flunky, and it was soon revealed that these thugs lost on purpose by the orders of Naerth Maxildannar to make Shandar look good. With onlookers watching the scene, Shandar was exposed. He admitted to the deception but said he did have the town's interest in heart and that, in truth, the Zhentarim had been blackmailing him to keep his past from catching up. He was a man wanted for murder in Mirabar. With Shandar outed, it seems Olivessa Untapoor will become speaker.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller The party headed to Targos to investigate the string of murders that they were initially hired for by retired bounty hunter Hlin Trollbane. At the Luskan Arms, the depressed innkeeper Owenn Tarsenal discussed the lottery with them and, after remembering that this party were the ones who delivered the stolen armory goods, that Speaker Naerth may be worth speaking with.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller At the local tavern, Targos's Three Flags Sailing, the warm tavernkeeper Ethen Ma Tarbroul noted that the lotteries conducted by Naerth and Skath must be for the greater good of fending off winter's wrath. They tie up the lottery winners outside the walls for the cold to spirit away during the night. The last lottery winner ran away, though, and was found hewn nearly in half in the snowfields. This most recent winner also ran, but was caught by mercenaries working for Torg's merchant company.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller The party met Naerth Maxildannar in his lodging on the second floor of the Luskan Arms. Captain Skath stood guard and was about to turn the party away, but Naerth, who was feeding his pet flying snakes, heard Crank outside and let them in. Naerth was so pleased to see "his boy" Crank, though, perhaps, the feeling wasn't mutual. Naerth extolled the virtues of the current lottery, the strength and importance of Targos, and the dire straits that he believes Ten Towns is in with the current winter. He so warmly offered his services to the party. He and Skath were off to meet Torg over the lottery escapee, and the party decided to accompany them.
12 #TheMeadMustFlow Naerth noted such immense grief over the loss of Good Mead's speaker. He said he was diligently working on providing a new speaker for the town.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller Following Naerth to Torg's Targos warehouse, the adventurers saw the teenage girl fugitive. While Torg was negotiating with Naerth, a mercenary in his hire, Sephek Kaltro, demanded that the girl meet her immediate end for her crimes. This escalated quickly, culminating in Sephek's execution of the girl and Naerth's digust with Torg's enterprise. Torg, in a rage and panic, told his crew to clean up this mess.
04 Azgul spoke with Owenn Tarsenal about happenings in Targos. The town conducts a blood sacrifice lottery on the new moon. The town speaker, Naerth Maxildannar, and his council run it, and the militia captain Skath officiates the sacrifice to appease the goddess of winter's wrath. The lottery is conducted during the three days prior to the new moon with the militia controlling passage into the town during those days.