Innkeeper of the White Lady
Adult Human Man

§ Interactions
17 #CauldronCaper At the White Lady Inn, Hazel began prying the proprietor Bartaban about whether he'd be interested in a magical cauldron. The overly eager Bart, almost salivating at a chance to create ceaseless soup for his tavern, was eventually dismayed as the party decided to gauge the value of the vat elsewhere. Eventually this led them to the Easthaven Town Hall.
15 #DzaanIsDead At the White Lady Inn, the party secured rooms and supper from the innkeeper Bartaban for 2gp a head. Dzaan's former room had been completely tossed and searched. Upon investigation, a note with four names was found under a dresser: Hank Berylbore, Meryl Diane, Gurth Miodal, and Faith. Fern believed the last name was typical of a tiefling. No, not Astrix.