Young Half-Elven Person

§ Interactions
12 #LakeMonster Having hauled the carcass of Maer Dualdon's awakened plesiosaur back to the Bremen docks, the party carved out a plesiosaur hide and 12 rations of meat. Tali was given the head of the beast to study and offered to introduce the party to a friend of hers who studies local fauna.
12 #NatureSpirits Tali introduced the party to Dannika Graysteel, another half-elf scholar who has been staying in Bremen for months searching for hints of Chwinga activity. Dannika's nose is more in her books than her legs are in the field, though. She gives the party a lantern of tracking that supposedly glows greenish-blue in the presence of the nature spirits.
11 #LakeMonster At the docks in Bremen, the party met Grynsk Berylbore who mistook them for fishers he drunkenly hired the night before. After a heated exchange with the lout, a half-elf named Tali interjected that Berylbore was dooming the fishermen due to the lake monster. The party shocked them when they admitted they were seeking the beast. They convinced Tali, who is a researcher of the local fauna, to join them and for Berylbore to give up his two rowboat for the journey.