Archdevil, Duke of Stygia
Lord of the Fifth, The Frozen Prince
Ancient Fiend Male


Levistus was the Lord of Stygia, the fifth layer of the Nine Hells, a wasteland of ice. The self-titled "prince" was known for his treachery and was imprisoned in an ancient iceberg, often referred to as his tomb. Levistus's true appearance was widely unknown, as from the outside of his glacial prison he could only be seen as a small black blot a quarter-mile within the mountain of dark ice. In the days of his freedom, he wore loose, silken clothing and carried a shining rapier, now donning fanciful garments and other finery when meeting mortals in projected form. His holy symbol was a black sword embedded in ice.

§ Interactions
19 #BlackSwords #ADuergarPlot Kadroth was a middle-aged tiefling man in well-kept garb. He assuaged the party that he was the right hand of Speaker Crannoc Siever, that the poor speaker had kept to his bedchambers due to a malaise of the mind. Insight proved that he was indeed acting as the right hand to an extent, but that his "care" for the speaker was a equivocal at best. Nevertheless the party heard him out, as his men had indeed tracked the Duergar menace and located an outpost. Kadroth, clutching his black sword chardalyn pendant and extolling the virtue of stopping the duergar threat, was happy to arrange an alliance. He boasted that he had a wizard named Avarice under his command - though the insightful could tell he feared the conjurer - and that he would gladly assist the party if Sunblight Fortress's whereabouts were uncovered. When pressed about the "faith" of these apparent cultists, Kadroth praised the Archdevil Levistus, Lord of Stygia, the 5th level of the Nine Hells. Levistus spoke to him, he claimed. Levistus, patron of the desperate and forgotten, had brought salvation to most members in his fold. Kadroth was merely his envoy. The cult was named after their lord: the cult of the Black Swords.
19 Hazel asked Mere about Huarwar Mulphoon. The young tiefling gushed a bit about the new recruit who stated he wished to become a paladin. They took dinner to Huarwar at the upper floor of the gatehouse. Huarwar, along with an older tiefling named Fel were brusque and ill-humored. Huarwar does not seem to be the boy his mother remembered. Or, perhaps, he had come to terms with giving up his soul for a chance at life. Levistus found him near death in a snow field. As Huarwar grasped a black sword necklace in the snow, he was given the strength to live. In his mind, he owes Levistus. Nobody else came to save him after all. Here, in the Caer, they take care of strays - just like Mere - and Huarwar seemed grimly set to continue in that service. After Hazel chided him, he gave her a walrus scrimshaw pendant of his to bring to his mother. That would secure the potions of healing reward. Huarwar even mustered up a small "thanks".
19 #BlackSwords Down a hallway, they came upon a shrine to Levistus, a frozen mannequin in a column of ice wrapped in chain. Behind it was brown mold, a volatile substance keeping it cold. Avarice was in a room to the side of the shrine. She rebuffed Crank and told him to get out, telling them that Kadroth wouldn't like them snooping around. She seemed almost amused and irreverent of Kadroth himself, though.