Speaker of Caer Konig
Adult Dragonborn Man

§ Interactions
20 #ADuergarPlot The ruins at Caer Konig greeted them at entry, along with a drunk silver-scaled dragonborn. This was Trovus, the town speaker. A veteran of war, reduced to a veteran - and ridiculously chatty - teetotaler. At least he was in good spirits. He "guided" the party to The Northern Light inn, The Hook, Line, and Sinker tavern, and Frozenfar Expeditions. They got a room from the Shorard sisters, Allie and Cori; they grabbed a pint from Eglendar; and they purchased six dogs and three sleds from the stout Jarthra and wisened ranger Atenas, for which Crank traded an aquamarine gem.
19 #ADuergarPlot The party was also interested in the Duergar threat, to which Roark admitted he hadn't heard of but that the northernmost town of Caer Konig had problems with unseen thieves. He expressed doubt that the thieves would get caught, because the villagers were spread too thin to form a proper militia and because Konig's Speaker, "war hero" Trovus, was a drunken mess.