Garret Velryn


Wilderness Guide
Adult Human Man

§ Interactions
06 #MountainClimb #TheGoldenDawn The party returned from their mountain rescue with Garret Velryn and Perilou to Termalaine. Having a late supper at Termalaine#The Blue Clam, they overheard local miners as well as hunters from Lonelywood chattering about both the kobold infestation at the local tourmaline mine as well as the bright flash of light that filled the night sky. There are some old hunting cabins that Lonelywood trappers used in those woods, though few remain in service as outposts.
06 #MountainClimb #TheGoldenDawn The party lodged at Termalaine#The Eastlook. The next morning they bid Garret farewell as he made plans to find a convoy heading back to Targos so he could rejoin Keegan Velryn. Insightful party members noted his grim disposition, as he eyed the oncoming full moon that coincides with Targos's lottery. Perilou, on the other hand, made plans to return to the Bryn Shander#House of the Morninglord, where she engaged in religious discourse. Perilou thought she might have a lead on the cabin: her acquaintance at the House of the Morninglord, a gnome named Copper, had a wizarding friend who was said to be a recluse in the Lonelywood forests.
06 #ABeautifulMine #TheWhiteMoose Upon return to Termalaine, Oarus Masthew assuaged the party to rest up for the next day on the house while he inspected the mines. In the meantime, the party heard that both Garret Velryn and Perilou had departed with a passing merchant caravan - one named belonging to a Torg. The party also overheard of troubles in Lonelywood, a white moose that seems bent of slaying men.
05 #MountainClimb Having rescued Garret Velryn the party continued up Kelvin's Cairn seeking the remaining three members of the climbing expedition: a male goliath named Mokingo Growling Bear who was in search of the legendary Winter Walker Oyaminatorok, a female halfling acolyte named Perilou, and a brooding, reticent female Tiefling named Astrix.
05 #MountainClimb Approaching a yeti den, the party sought the adult male yeti that attacked Garret Velryn and company. Finding blood and several large but muddled footprints, they snuck into a cave, where they found the eviscerated torso of Mokingo Growling Bear in a crude trophy room. Two other severed heads could be well-discerned, one belonging to Oobok and the other belonging to an unknown red-haired shield dwarf.
05 #battle #MountainClimb In the darkness, they found a yeti and two smaller indistinct forms. The party took the opportunity to attack the beast and lure it out. In the following confusion, they realize a yeti tyke had been batting around Perilou, who exhausted but unharmed, in the corner and that they were fighting the mother. As the party and Garret dispatched the monstrosity, the father approached with a slewn goat. Putting the yetis to rest, the party decided to push for the mountain-top to look for Astrix.
05 #TheGoldenDawn "The view from the mountaintop would have been crisp if the cloudcover hadn't taken hold," said Garret. He spoke a moment too soon, as a blinding light of gold burst from the forests to the west, ripped clouds and fog asunder. The blast echoed off Kelvin's Cain, shifting the snows below, and leaving a wide hole in the midnight sky. The party felt or perhaps imagined, a brief vision of Spring, as the crackle of magic pulsed through the air. Unshielding their eyes, the stillness of the night sky lit up by the Rime immediately removed all sense of heat, frost creeping into their marrow. In the distance, riding the aurora, was a great beast... perhaps the Frostmaiden herself.
05 #battle #MountainClimb Before they could lash up the dogs and leave, an avalanched swept through the hillside, ensnaring Garret Velryn. Soon after, a chill wind summoned three Cold Light Walkers, who the party and Perilou dispatched.
04 #MountainClimb A dog, Boy, got the attention of the party and dragged them to the house of Keegan Velryn, a schrimshander and former mountaineer. His husband Garret was a mountain guide and had led a small expedition to Kelvin's Cairn. Boy never leaves his master's side unless there is trouble. At Keegan's request (and a promise of free rooms at the Luskan Arms through his friend Owenn Tarsenal), the party decided they would go on a rescue mission for Garret and company, traveling up through Termalaine.
04 #MountainClimb Arriving at Kelvin's Cairn the next morning, the party found Garret Velryn's dog sled and hungry dogs. Having fed them, they traveresed the icy cliffside, saw mountain goat, and eventually found Garret, knocked unconscious after a fall. He had lured a violent yeti away from the group of four he was guiding. Garret is a scout by training, and while exhausted and wounded, is still able-bodied.
04 #battle #MountainClimb Three crag cats pounced on the party. Garret fought alongside them. These were big, mean kitties.