Queen Bjornhild


Tiger Tribe Queen
Adult Human Woman
Cruel, Enduring, Isolationist

§ Interactions
27 #FourReghedTribes Bear King Gunvald relayed information about the tribal relations. The largest and strongest tribe is the Tribe of the Elk led by the aging Jarund Elkheart, whose lone heir has died. They are the most domesticated tribe, frequenting Ten Towns. Next in strength is the Tribe of the Tiger, the most xenophobic and the most quick to violence. They're led by Queen Bjornhild, who believes herself to have Auril's blessing. The Tribe of the Bear is next in influence, having lost numbers to both the berserkers and to disputes with the Tigers. They're on good terms with the Elk, but do not venture into Ten Towns as often. Finally, there is the Tribe of the Wolf, less of a tribe and more of a motley crew, led by the psychotic Isarr Kronenstrom, a self-proclaimed Chosen of Malar.