Stolga Stone


Lieutenant of Revel's End
Adult Half-Orc Woman

§ Interactions
25 #RevelsEnd A weak-voiced Stolga Stone announced over the intercom that the warden was facing a threat on the roof of the tower. Entering the central tower, Stone was seen bleeding out near the facility control panel. Tetro healed her up, so she went with the party up the tower, passing a demolished guard barracks, before arriving on the third level's Absolution Council Room. Here, warden Marta Marthannis was sitting with her face in her hands, a hopeless, deranged smile across her face.
25 #RevelsEnd Simultaneously, Fern and Stolga Stone were ransacking the warden's office. Fern found the Wand of Binding in a hidden compartment of the warden's desk... and soon found the warden, dead and stuffed in a closet, heart ripped out. They bolted for the roof, almost colliding with Oona.
25 #battle #RevelsEnd Stolga Stone ran up the stairs and immediately attempted to shove the supposed warden off. She failed. The warden transformed, and the battle with the true grey slaad ensued on the rooftop of Revel's End. Tetro assumed constellation form to bolster the party, as Fern and Gadget laid into it with knife and fist.Oona, having come to her senses, hurled the slaad off the tower. It landed 140 ft below on the lower roof. Crank jumped down after, tossing a lightning javelin and slow-falling not a moment too soon. The rest of the party continued their assault from roof top and tower windows. The slaad, though, was able to take flight, and fireballed the roof. Dodging the blast, Oona opened her eyes to see Stolga Stone incinerated and falling to her death. But the slaad couldn't last. It died midair and fell once again, the resulting splash soaking Crank in slaadi guts and goo.
25 #RevelsEnd The slaad threat had been squashed. A good number of lives were lost for both guards and prisoners, and a guard captain named Clay sought to keep the peace as our adventurers rested. Both Stone and Marthannis were dead.
24 #RevelsEnd Azgul, Fern, Tetro, and Gadget waited in the mess hall while Oona and Crank took a nap in the guest rooms. Tetro befriended some of the kitchen staff, while Gadget took a look at the Dwarven artificing used to heat Revel's End to a balmy temperature. One guard was muttering about stomach pains when the half-orc Lieutenant Stone arrived to bring the party to Warden Marthannis.
24 #battle #RevelsEnd Making their way to the storehouse, the party met with Lieutenant Stone and fought the cornered blue slaad alongside the guards. It seems this slaad burst out of the hospital patient's chest last night, crawled in a vent, and rapidly grew. The guards reassured them that this was the only slaad detected. Slaads are chaotic abberrations from the Plane of Limbo, a rare sight in and of itself in Faerun. The warden knew that slaads took time to reproduce, but had begun emergency lockdown preparations anyway. The party, though, had just encountered a red slaad. The blue slaad's chaos phage was replicating much more quickly than normal. The lieutenant ran to alert the warden and ordered the party to lock themselves in their rooms. Tetro cleared out the chaos phage from Gadget, who was slightly questioning her decision to join the Heroes of the Crag.