Nimsy Huddle


Speaker of Lonelywood
Middle-Aged Halfling Woman
npc_Speaker_Nimsy_Huddle.png| 300

§ Interactions
09 #TheWhiteMoose The party made their way back to Lonelywood, parting ways for Old Huntsman Clive and lodging at Nimsy Huddle's residence well past midnight. Each party member earned 13 gold for their efforts in the end, as well as a sled full of moose flesh.
07 #TheWhiteMoose The party arrives in Lonelywood for the first time, a small hunting, logging, and fishing settlement of once-scoundrels and assassins and, as the town speaker Nimsy Huddle put it, bastards. The speaker gave the party lodging in her attic alongside her four halfling children. She recruits the party to hunt the killer moose that's killed only two actually like six hunters. It's eluded hunters since. The pay is 90g plus any earnings from meat brought to local butchers.