Huarwar Mulphoon


Gate Guard, Black Swords Cultist, Innkeeper's Son
Young Human Man

§ Interactions
21 #BlackSwords Stopping in Bremen, Hazel delivered Huarwar Mulphoon's scrimshaw necklace to his mother, who was happy to hear he was alive, devils or not. She rewarded the party with the promised potions of healing.
19 Hazel asked Mere about Huarwar Mulphoon. The young tiefling gushed a bit about the new recruit who stated he wished to become a paladin. They took dinner to Huarwar at the upper floor of the gatehouse. Huarwar, along with an older tiefling named Fel were brusque and ill-humored. Huarwar does not seem to be the boy his mother remembered. Or, perhaps, he had come to terms with giving up his soul for a chance at life. Levistus found him near death in a snow field. As Huarwar grasped a black sword necklace in the snow, he was given the strength to live. In his mind, he owes Levistus. Nobody else came to save him after all. Here, in the Caer, they take care of strays - just like Mere - and Huarwar seemed grimly set to continue in that service. After Hazel chided him, he gave her a walrus scrimshaw pendant of his to bring to his mother. That would secure the potions of healing reward. Huarwar even mustered up a small "thanks".
13 The party left Targos the dawn after dispatching Sephek Kaltro before news about the scuffle at the warehouse spread. They decided to head to Easthaven to follow Arcane Brotherhood activities as well as pursue several quest leads in the paper. Notably, they deduced Cora Mulphoon's lost son Huarwar, who was last seen with shady figures, may be located in the sanctuary stronghold of Caer Dineval or ruins of Caer Konig.
12 #BlackSwords Wrapping up their lodging at the local inn, Buried Treasures, they took note of the distraught and nervous innkeeper, Cora Mulphoon. Cora beseeches the adventurers to bring news of her missing son, Huarwar Mulphoon. Huarwar went missing during a blizzard while searching for the town's doddering elderly speaker, Dorbulgruf. Huarwar returned days later, but was cold and distant. Cora found what looked like a shard of black ice in his room. Huarwar snatched it back and threatened her to never touch it again. The next day two tieflings with black amulets came to town and offered Huarwar sanctuary at their castle. He left with them two months ago.