Adult Halfling Man

§ Interactions
15 #WhiteLadySeance A bard named Rinaldo was reciting a campy, spoopy poem about the White Lady, Lac Dinneshere's resident cryptid ghost. He was holding a seance this evening and invited the party to join, for the White Lady knows much. After haggling him down to 4gp a head, they accompanied three townsfolk to the back to watch the seance unfold.
15 #battle #WhiteLadySeance #ToilAndTrouble Rinaldo's seance could have gone better, but I guess it could have gone worse. The spirit of the White Lady attacked the crowd, its wails literally aging one poor commoner by forty years. The party fought it off, after which it answered questions pertaining to happenings around the lake. She noted that a hag lived in the south eastern cliffs bordering Lac Dinneshere and that she had a magic cauldron capable of feeding an entire town. When asked about the treasure of the lake, she said the hag knows best. When asked about Dzaan, it seemed her knowledge outside the lake was minimal.