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Character Role Race Age Gender Descriptors
Marta Pekryk Innkeeper of the Eastside Human Teenage Woman
  • Caring
  • Tired
  • Singer
Oarus Masthew Speaker of Termalaine Half-Orc Adult Man
  • Good-hearted
  • Boisterous
  • Affable
T-Rex Kobold Kommander Kobold Adult Man
  • Boss
  • Total dragon
  • Badass wings
Vernon Braig Tavernkeeper of the Blue Clam Half-Orc Adult Man
  • Creative
  • Friendly
  • Nimble


The Blue Clam

Vernon Braig's harborside tavern, serving chowder and leaded fish cakes. Host tavern to many miners, fishers, and trappers of the area. Frequented by Oarus Masthew.

The Eastlook

Charming inn, made from a row of connected houses. Run by the willowy teen Marta Pekryk and her bed-ridden father.


§ Details
07 #ArcaneBrotherhood On their third morning in Termalaine, the party waited for Oarus Masthew to return from the mines to declare them free of kobold. He paid the party their 60g and thanked the party for a job well done, leaving into The Blue Clam while the party talked amongst themselves outside on adventure plans. A short while later, Oarus returned, awkardly thanking a maternal white-haired human woman escorted by two undead kobold, freshly resurrected from the party's work in the mine. The woman's name: Vellynne Harpell. Vellynne, according to Oarus, had financed clearing of the mine and inspected it this morning, seeming a bit dismayed as if she was searching for something but didn't find it. Vellynne proceeded to head to her undead sled dogs at the outskirts of town, when she asked the party why they were following her. Vellynne it turns out, much like Fern, also has an owl familiar.
06 #MountainClimb #TheGoldenDawn The party returned from their mountain rescue with Garret Velryn and Perilou to Termalaine. Having a late supper at Termalaine#The Blue Clam, they overheard local miners as well as hunters from Lonelywood chattering about both the kobold infestation at the local tourmaline mine as well as the bright flash of light that filled the night sky. There are some old hunting cabins that Lonelywood trappers used in those woods, though few remain in service as outposts.
06 #MountainClimb #TheGoldenDawn The party lodged at Termalaine#The Eastlook. The next morning they bid Garret farewell as he made plans to find a convoy heading back to Targos so he could rejoin Keegan Velryn. Insightful party members noted his grim disposition, as he eyed the oncoming full moon that coincides with Targos's lottery. Perilou, on the other hand, made plans to return to the Bryn Shander#House of the Morninglord, where she engaged in religious discourse. Perilou thought she might have a lead on the cabin: her acquaintance at the House of the Morninglord, a gnome named Copper, had a wizarding friend who was said to be a recluse in the Lonelywood forests.
06 #ABeautifulMine Talking to speaker Oarus Masthew, the party agreed on a 60g reward (fair splittings!) to tackle the mine problem. The Termalaine mine descended deep into the Dale and glittered with gemdust. The place was filled with kobold tracks and signs of struggle were seen.
06 #ABeautifulMine #TheSignal An ancient illithid skull was found well-preserved at the base of the Termalaine gem mine. Inside the skull was a Psi Crystal, which Tetro took and began pondering, attuning to it.
06 #ABeautifulMine #TheWhiteMoose Upon return to Termalaine, Oarus Masthew assuaged the party to rest up for the next day on the house while he inspected the mines. In the meantime, the party heard that both Garret Velryn and Perilou had departed with a passing merchant caravan - one named belonging to a Torg. The party also overheard of troubles in Lonelywood, a white moose that seems bent of slaying men.
04 #MountainClimb A dog, Boy, got the attention of the party and dragged them to the house of Keegan Velryn, a schrimshander and former mountaineer. His husband Garret was a mountain guide and had led a small expedition to Kelvin's Cairn. Boy never leaves his master's side unless there is trouble. At Keegan's request (and a promise of free rooms at the Luskan Arms through his friend Owenn Tarsenal), the party decided they would go on a rescue mission for Garret and company, traveling up through Termalaine.
04 Arriving at the dark of early evening, the party found lodging at The Eastlook. The innkeeper, a teenage girl named Marta Pekryk, who tends to the inn ever since her father took ill, had been softly singing the following verse: Ahead of winter’s wind she came / The lovely woman with no name; / Draped in a fur-lined cloak of red / To the icy lake she fled; / The wind pursued her all the same / As sure as night she’s dead. This song was a legend about a forlorn traveler who gifted a ring of warmth to her grandparents. The traveler died the next day when she departed. Marta wears the ring, and it seems to bring her comfort. ! 250
04 #ABeautifulMine Miners had been returning back from work in Termalaine. A boy on a soapbox was announcing that a monster infestation in a gem mine, and that the town speaker, a half-orc named Oarus Masthew, had posted a 50g reward.
04 The party visited The Blue Clam, the harborside tavern. It was filled with fishers and miners. Some dwarf were spicing their chowder with lead, a sweet tooth garnish for the poison resilient dwarves. The tavern owner and chef, a half-orc named Vernon Braig, served the party, noting that the stew tonight had rabbit brought from Lonelywood trappers.