Danae Xotal


Tavernkeep of the Lucky Liar
Adult Human Woman

§ Interactions
10 #TheGoldenDawn Overhearing the conversation, ever-knowing tavernkeep of the Lucky Liar, Danae Xotal, said she knew of the sage who lived out there... and hinted that the old fool was probably dead out there anyway. The sage had used Arcane Brotherhood networks to get a #SpecialDelivery several weeks ago. Intimidated by Azgul, Danae relented and gave the party guidance to follow the ridge around Maer Dualdon to its western reaches, where the Black Cabin loomed over the forest.
07 #TheWhiteMoose #TheGoldenDawn Visiting Lucky Liar, the party learns little from boastful local hunters. The party does recruit Old Huntsman Clive to help them track the white moose, offering 15g for a job done. The innkeeper, Danae Xotal, seems to know a good lot of secrets. She apparently arrived in Lonelywood about ten years prior and set up the Lucky Liar that she has operated since. When pressed on the events of the golden light and of mages in the woods, she hinted that she certainly knew about magical meddlers, glaring pointedly at Azgul.