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Character Role Race Age Gender Descriptors
Danae Xotal Tavernkeep of the Lucky Liar Human Adult Woman
  • All-knowing
  • Shady
  • Vigilant
Iriskree Harrowhill Shopkeeper of The Happy Scrimshander, Former Assassin Human Middle-Aged Woman
  • Doughy
  • Spinster
  • Nostalgic
Nimsy Huddle Speaker of Lonelywood Halfling Middle-Aged Woman
  • Cheerful
  • Maternal
  • Kooky
Old Huntsman Clive Hunter from Lonelywood Human Old Man
  • Woodsman
  • Heartbroken
  • Alcoholic
Ravisin Frost Druid Human Young Adult Woman
  • Cruel
  • Sisterly
  • Vicious
  • DEAD
Vurnis Frost Druid Human Young Adult Woman
  • Mid-Winter Child
  • Blessed
  • Sisterly
  • DEAD


Ramshackle Inn

A dilapidated inn, once run by DeGrootz Ramshackle. DeGrootz was found dead, hanging, in his inn about a year and half ago. During the relentless winter, the roof has since collapsed.

Lucky Liar

Local tavern, opened a decade ago by the enigmatic and well-informed Danae Xotal.

The Happy Scrimshander

An artisan supply store run by Iriskree Harrowhill, retired and doughty spinster assassin.

Nimsy Huddle's House

Speaker Nimsy Huddle is a welcoming host. Since the town has no inn, she offers her attic to travelers.


§ Details
11 #TheRimeoftheFrostmaiden #LakeMonster Re-cooperating in Lonelywood from the events at the Black Cabin, the party took stock that they lost their sled dogs and that the Summer Star was damaged, though perhaps not irredeemably. They decided to quest to Bremen to take care of the supposed lake monster in Maer Dualdon for now.
10 #ArcaneBrotherhood The party spent the morning in Lonelywood, picking up rumors and reading the Ten Towns Times. They wondered whether to pick up some coin in Bremen, where sighting of a lake monster in Maer Dualdon had scared off fishermen. They also considered the tale of missing sailors near the eastern Lac Dinneshere, and recalled that Easthaven is where Vellynne Harpell had set off to capitalize on Dzaan's misfortune. There was still a killer on the loose, too. Ultimately, the party decided to chase down the golden burst of light they had seen from atop Kelvin's Cairn several days ago.
10 #TheGoldenDawn The party mulled over their leads at the Lucky Liar. From atop Kelvin's Cairn, they had seen a burst of golden, warm light coming from the forests of Lonelywood. Nobody seemed to live out there. Perilou knew of a gnome named Copper who lived in the temple at Bryn Shander, though, and this Copper spoke of a former friend, a sage of sorts, who took to hermitage in the outskirts of Lonelywood. One ole crone hinted that the sage may live in a Black Cabin, a haunted place overlooking the forests.
09 #TheWhiteMoose A dying Ravisin seemed pleased with her fate. She explained her malcontent with the Dalefolk for the mistreatment of her sister Vurnis, which Old Huntsman Clive later expressed was most likely her rape. Vurnis was a Midwinter Child, a blessed girl and the fairer of the two sisters. She had left Lonelywood months ago to seek her destiny only to meet mistreatment. She turned to the cult of Auril, becoming a frost druid. Ravisin in her youth was the less fortunate of the sisters: lesser in wits, achievement, and charms. She followed Vurnis everywhere, and thus followed her sister into a radicalized worship of the Frostmaiden.
09 #TheWhiteMoose The party made their way back to Lonelywood, parting ways for Old Huntsman Clive and lodging at Nimsy Huddle's residence well past midnight. Each party member earned 13 gold for their efforts in the end, as well as a sled full of moose flesh.
08 #TheWhiteMoose The party explored the Elven Tomb found in Lonelywood Forest. Several tall elven status surrounded the berm and central moon dial, and they buzzed with magic as Azgul investigated them.
07 #TheWhiteMoose The party arrives in Lonelywood for the first time, a small hunting, logging, and fishing settlement of once-scoundrels and assassins and, as the town speaker Nimsy Huddle put it, bastards. The speaker gave the party lodging in her attic alongside her four halfling children. She recruits the party to hunt the killer moose that's killed only two actually like six hunters. It's eluded hunters since. The pay is 90g plus any earnings from meat brought to local butchers.
07 #TheRamshackle The party learned of the Ramshackle Inn, an inn whose owner DeGrootz Ramshackle died of an alleged hanging-suicide a year prior. The inn, unfortunately, has had its roof collapse since the relentless winter began.
07 #TheWhiteMoose #TheGoldenDawn Visiting Lucky Liar, the party learns little from boastful local hunters. The party does recruit Old Huntsman Clive to help them track the white moose, offering 15g for a job done. The innkeeper, Danae Xotal, seems to know a good lot of secrets. She apparently arrived in Lonelywood about ten years prior and set up the Lucky Liar that she has operated since. When pressed on the events of the golden light and of mages in the woods, she hinted that she certainly knew about magical meddlers, glaring pointedly at Azgul.
07 #TheWhiteMoose Visiting The morning prior to heading out into the Lonelywood forests, the party stopped at The Happy Scrimshander, whose owner is the doughy spinster Iriskree Harrowhill. The shop sold scrimshaw tool kits, which Oona and Fern picked up for a 2g a piece. Iriskree mentioned that her last lover, dead now and having bequeathed her a nice sum, was hell bent on hunting the white moose, saying that he could speak to animals and that listening to the forest would guide his path.
06 #MountainClimb #TheGoldenDawn The party returned from their mountain rescue with Garret Velryn and Perilou to Termalaine. Having a late supper at Termalaine#The Blue Clam, they overheard local miners as well as hunters from Lonelywood chattering about both the kobold infestation at the local tourmaline mine as well as the bright flash of light that filled the night sky. There are some old hunting cabins that Lonelywood trappers used in those woods, though few remain in service as outposts.
06 #MountainClimb #TheGoldenDawn The party lodged at Termalaine#The Eastlook. The next morning they bid Garret farewell as he made plans to find a convoy heading back to Targos so he could rejoin Keegan Velryn. Insightful party members noted his grim disposition, as he eyed the oncoming full moon that coincides with Targos's lottery. Perilou, on the other hand, made plans to return to the Bryn Shander#House of the Morninglord, where she engaged in religious discourse. Perilou thought she might have a lead on the cabin: her acquaintance at the House of the Morninglord, a gnome named Copper, had a wizarding friend who was said to be a recluse in the Lonelywood forests.
06 #ABeautifulMine #TheWhiteMoose Upon return to Termalaine, Oarus Masthew assuaged the party to rest up for the next day on the house while he inspected the mines. In the meantime, the party heard that both Garret Velryn and Perilou had departed with a passing merchant caravan - one named belonging to a Torg. The party also overheard of troubles in Lonelywood, a white moose that seems bent of slaying men.
04 The party visited The Blue Clam, the harborside tavern. It was filled with fishers and miners. Some dwarf were spicing their chowder with lead, a sweet tooth garnish for the poison resilient dwarves. The tavern owner and chef, a half-orc named Vernon Braig, served the party, noting that the stew tonight had rabbit brought from Lonelywood trappers.