Hlin Trollbane


Veteran Bounty Hunter
Mature Dwarf Woman
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§ Interactions
13 #ColdHeartedKiller Passing through Bryn Shander, Fern kept her hood up, perceiving a wanted poster describing a duo of tiefling and bugbear dog thieves. Seeking Hlin Trollbane, the bounty huntress who hired them weeks prior to find the killer, the party, less Fern, went to Town Hall. Here Sheriff Southwell greeted them. Trollbane had given the sheriff the bounty to dole out to the adventurers... which he would have granted if Hazel didn't let slip that she was friend with the dog thieves. Deception failed, the two parties agreed to let the payment slide and call it all water under the bridge.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller The party headed to Targos to investigate the string of murders that they were initially hired for by retired bounty hunter Hlin Trollbane. At the Luskan Arms, the depressed innkeeper Owenn Tarsenal discussed the lottery with them and, after remembering that this party were the ones who delivered the stolen armory goods, that Speaker Naerth may be worth speaking with.
01 #ColdHeartedKiller Hlin Trollbane had entered the tavern. Observing the party for a while, the veteran bounty huntress approached the party with a warning and request: murders were occuring in IWD. One in Easthaven a month back, another here in Bryn Shander two weeks ago, and one recently reported in Targos.