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Character Role Race Age Gender Descriptors
Cora Mulphoon Innkeeper of Buried Treasures Human Middle-aged Woman
  • Anxious
  • Hospitable
  • Kind
Dannika Graysteel Scholar Half-Elf Middle-Aged Woman
  • Scattered
  • Bookworm
  • Inquisitive
Dorbulgruf Shalescar Speaker of Bremen Dwarf Elderly Man
  • Doddering
  • Possibly Senile
  • Good-Natured
Tali Biologist Half-Elven Young Person
  • Excitable
  • Curious
  • Moral


Town Hall

Bremen Docks

Buried Treasures Inn

A hospitable inn run by Cora Mulphoon and family.

Five-Tavern Center

Five taverns stand in a semicircle around a central yard
in the heart of Bremen. As the story goes, five brothers
originally intended to build a tavern together, but each
had assumed he would be the one to run the business.
Since none of the brothers would work for the others,
each built his own tavern, and they all compete for
customers. The taverns are:


§ Details
21 #DarkDuchess The party considered their next steps, unfurling a map and eyeing possibilities near the Sea of Moving Ice. They decided to begin at the west, heading towards the Dark Duchess in search of treasure. They learned that the vessel was supposed to be carrying ale, even, with a bounty set by the Five Tavern Center in Bremen. Moreover, they recalled that Sephek Kaltro had rode that ship, as did the Arcane Brotherhood apprentice Nass Lantomir, who stole a magic bauble from Vellynne Harpell as she was setting out from Luskan many moon ago. Specifically, Avarice had told them this tidbit, and noted that the item's recovery would grant the party a great deal of favor in her eyes.
21 #BlackSwords Stopping in Bremen, Hazel delivered Huarwar Mulphoon's scrimshaw necklace to his mother, who was happy to hear he was alive, devils or not. She rewarded the party with the promised potions of healing.
12 #LakeMonster Having hauled the carcass of Maer Dualdon's awakened plesiosaur back to the Bremen docks, the party carved out a plesiosaur hide and 12 rations of meat. Tali was given the head of the beast to study and offered to introduce the party to a friend of hers who studies local fauna.
12 #NatureSpirits Tali introduced the party to Dannika Graysteel, another half-elf scholar who has been staying in Bremen for months searching for hints of Chwinga activity. Dannika's nose is more in her books than her legs are in the field, though. She gives the party a lantern of tracking that supposedly glows greenish-blue in the presence of the nature spirits.
12 #WhaleHunters #DarkDuchess The party banters with a group of thuggish seamen at the Black-Bearded Brother, the lot of whom are already soused before midday. They're conspiring to head north to the Sea of Moving Ice to capitalize on the whaling colonies' incompetence over hunting a particularly large whale. They also talked about the wreckage of the Dark Duchess, a Luskan merchant vessel.
12 #BlackSwords Wrapping up their lodging at the local inn, Buried Treasures, they took note of the distraught and nervous innkeeper, Cora Mulphoon. Cora beseeches the adventurers to bring news of her missing son, Huarwar Mulphoon. Huarwar went missing during a blizzard while searching for the town's doddering elderly speaker, Dorbulgruf. Huarwar returned days later, but was cold and distant. Cora found what looked like a shard of black ice in his room. Huarwar snatched it back and threatened her to never touch it again. The next day two tieflings with black amulets came to town and offered Huarwar sanctuary at their castle. He left with them two months ago.
11 #TheRimeoftheFrostmaiden #LakeMonster Re-cooperating in Lonelywood from the events at the Black Cabin, the party took stock that they lost their sled dogs and that the Summer Star was damaged, though perhaps not irredeemably. They decided to quest to Bremen to take care of the supposed lake monster in Maer Dualdon for now.
11 #LakeMonster At the docks in Bremen, the party met Grynsk Berylbore who mistook them for fishers he drunkenly hired the night before. After a heated exchange with the lout, a half-elf named Tali interjected that Berylbore was dooming the fishermen due to the lake monster. The party shocked them when they admitted they were seeking the beast. They convinced Tali, who is a researcher of the local fauna, to join them and for Berylbore to give up his two rowboat for the journey.
10 #ArcaneBrotherhood The party spent the morning in Lonelywood, picking up rumors and reading the Ten Towns Times. They wondered whether to pick up some coin in Bremen, where sighting of a lake monster in Maer Dualdon had scared off fishermen. They also considered the tale of missing sailors near the eastern Lac Dinneshere, and recalled that Easthaven is where Vellynne Harpell had set off to capitalize on Dzaan's misfortune. There was still a killer on the loose, too. Ultimately, the party decided to chase down the golden burst of light they had seen from atop Kelvin's Cairn several days ago.