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Town Hall

A two-story building that housed venues for gatherings, public records storage, and the local library. While the town was not truly lawless, the locals said that "anything goes in Easthaven." Pickpocketing was decidedly made legal throughout the town's history. Neverthless, convicts were routinely offered as sacrifice to the Frostmaiden, honoring an old tradition, and Easthaven could readily assemble a militia approximately 150 to 200 warriors strong.

White Lady Inn

Named after the cryptid White Lady. The Lady died while her husband was away, amassing a fortune for their shared future, and after her death, appeared at shore of the lake where they first met. The proprietor's name is Bartaban.

The Wet Trout

The largest and loudest of the town's taverns.

Easthaven Ferry

A once-successful business that had to be closed due to the Everlasting Rime.



§ Details
26 #TheLostSpire #DzaanIsDead The simulacrum had not heard from his master in a ten day, evidently because the real Dzaan was executed in Easthaven. Alarmed by news of his master's death, Dzaan expressed a desire to replace him. See, in the fourth level of the tower was a rune chamber that could turn illusions into reality. The party was intrigued. Azgul was alarmed. He did not wish his former tutor to regain his flesh, ever since he himself had a mark of suggestion placed on his neck when he first approached Dzaan for knowledge. Flummoxed, Dzaan's simulacrum urged the party to consider the matter, lending them Krintaas as they headed into the fourth level, knowing ahead of time that the spirits down there were restless and an ice salamander had been seen crawling about.
24 #RevelsEnd #Prisoner237 #Prisoner13 Azgul and Fern spoke with the stern and cool-headed mage, Warden Marta Marthannis. Once it was sorted out that the party were not Arcane Brotherhood operatives, but, rather, adventurers who had found themselves at the center of all things Icewind Dale, the warden eased up a bit. Fern was able to arrange a meeting with Prisoner 13, though the cautious warden refused an immediate audience with Prisoner 237, Vaelish Gant. Bringing up their collaboration with Easthaven's speaker Danneth Waylen and captain Imdra Arlaggath, they asserted that speaking with Vaelish would be vital for the safety of Icewind Dale. Azgul promised to relay a sending stone message and replay it for the warden.
20 #BlackSwords It was decided that the free folk may not be safe in Caer Dineval's small village. With some provisions, the party insisted they tough out the march to Easthaven. Using their sending stone, they notified Imdra Arlaggath about the situation at Caer and requested a crew to meet the refugees halfway. They then trudged through the night, making their way to Caer Konig by dawn.
19 The party started in Easthaven, doing some shopping. Tetro had picked up an illuminator's tattoo from a pair of Reghed tribesmen he had ran into who thought him a spirit animal. At Peona's Potions, Oona and Fern each purchased two potions of healing, and Tetro bought a periapt of wound closure tucked away on a shelf.
19 The 8 hour trek, on foot, from Easthaven to Caer Dineval was uneventful and bleak. Few travelers were met on the road. Perhaps the winter is worsening. Perhaps the Caers are more remote than they thought. Perhaps both. Arriving in late afternoon, the party noted that Dinev's Rest, the local inn, was abandoned and in disrepair. Looming at the top of the hill and overlooking Lac Dinneshere was the Caer itself. A local look quizzically at the group and suggested they stop by the one tavern, The Uphill Climb.
18 #ChardalynCaper Following the aura of chardalyn dust on a set a stocky footprints to Easthaven's waterfront, the party questioned a drunkard about whether he had seen any happenings. The drunkard swore that the Easthaven Ferry was haunted, and that spirits were hanging about its cabin. Upon investigation, the ferry seemed to be closed down due to the harsh winter, as per a sign on the harborside written by the ferry-master, Scython. The dock itself told a different story. The boardwalk seemed like they were well-trodden on, as the snow and ice had been stamped down.
18 #battle #ChardalynCaper Aboard the Easthaven Ferry, as the party creaked onto the quiet ship sloshing in the icy waters, Tetro peered into the cabin and saw several bedrolls and the makings of a camp. He lit the area with Faerie Fire, revealing two Duergar warriors and a duergar mind master. The party exchanged blows as several more duergar, invisible up until this point, attacked them as well. With Oona felling their mind master leader, the party was able to subjugate the grey underdwarves, forcing the final two to surrender.
18 #ChardalynCaper #ADuergarPlot The two standing duergar were coerced into talking. The mind master that the party just killed was named Durth Sunblight. He was one of the remaining sons of Xardorok Sunblight, a duergar lord with a mountain fortress in the Spine of the World. The duergar race, known for having lived in the Underdark for centuries, were descendants of dwarves turned grim and having developed psionic abilities after eons of influence by mind flayer colonies. Xardorok's intent is to bring his people to the surface, raze Ten Towns, and establish a footprint for his own people to live in the dim twilight of Icewind Dale. He has dispatched two of his sons, Durth and Nildar Sunblight, to scout ahead. Durth is now dead, and Nilder is in charge of an outpost on the eastern face of Kelvin's Cairn. The stolen chardalyn from East Haven Town Hall was meant to be hauled back to Sunblight Fortress to be forged into siege weaponry. After confessing, the two duergar made a getaway, narrowly avoiding an axe to their necks as they turned invisible and bolted.
18 #ChardalynCaper #CauldronCaper Returning to the town hall, the party reconnected with Speaker Danneth Waylen and Captain Imdra Arlaggath, who had sorted out their guards. It appears that a town clerk,Prudence, betrayed them and let in several ruffians and possible Zhentarim who were targeting the Cauldron of Plenty. Fortunately for the party, the duergar chardalyn thieves walked in on this scuffle and capitalized on the mayhem, knocking out both Easthaven guards and their assailants before taking off with the black ice. With great thanks, the speaker was able to finally pay the party for the cauldron.
18 #ADuergarPlot Crank took out Durth Sunblight's missive to his brother Nildar and handed it to Captain Arlaggath. The party explained what they learned about the duergar during the encounter on the ferry. The speaker and the captain took the threat seriously, remarking that rumors of duergar have been brewing. Reghed Nomads and Goliath trading parties have brought stories to Easthaven of scorched swathes of tundra in the foothills of the Spine of the World. Speaker Waylen mulled over his need to discuss the Duergar threat at the next Council of Speakers, typically at the end of the month. The next slated date is the 30th of Uktar, but Waylen expressed a desire to push for an earlier meeting. He urged the party to deliver their report at this next meeting to notify the speakers if there are any new sightings - for the safety of Ten Towns. In order to remain in touch, Speaker Waylen secured a sending stone for the adventurers.
18 #TheLostSpire #DzaanIsDead In the Easthaven Library on the third floor of the town hall, the party rummaged through the shelves. Azgul was interested in the books claimed from Dzaan's inn room. One hefty tome, The Girthy Sex Lives of the Goliath Tribes: An Illustrated Guide by Volothamp Geddarm, turned out to be an illusion. Through clever use of identification magic, the vividly accurate depictions of Goliath lovemaking faded and were replaced by a Dzann's spellbook, within which was a map. The map marked an inverted building captioned with "A Lost Spire!".
18 #AngajuksBell Hazel also took a gander at the Easthaven Library collection, looking for histories about the Sea of Moving Ice. She learned of Anga, a wisened druid, who had journeyed from the south and took hermitage by the sea decades ago. Each dawn she would ring a bell that would call-in sea life. Whalers in the nearby settlements, who otherwise led a harsh life, came to recognize Anga and enjoy her presence as she set out on her daily meditations. Though she continued her hermitage, the whaling community in the area became known as Places/Angajuk's Bell.
17 #CauldronCaper Tetro dragged the cauldron back to Easthaven. Along the way, the party encountered a band of Goliath warriors. They kept their distance, and the surly lot seemed disinterested in them as they headed into town.
17 #CauldronCaper At the White Lady Inn, Hazel began prying the proprietor Bartaban about whether he'd be interested in a magical cauldron. The overly eager Bart, almost salivating at a chance to create ceaseless soup for his tavern, was eventually dismayed as the party decided to gauge the value of the vat elsewhere. Eventually this led them to the Easthaven Town Hall.
17 #CauldronCaper At the Easthaven Town Hall, a large three story building with several guards and attendants that serves as both political offices and a community center for the city, the party split into two groups. Tetro, Hazel, and Oona chewed the chud with the town guards in the reception hall while watching the cauldron. Azgul, Crank, and Fern headed into the administrative office where a young, nervous clerk named Prudence waited on them. They asked to see Captain Imdra Arlaggath regarding the missing fishermen bounty.
17 #CauldronCaper In the rear atrium of the Easthaven Town Hall stood a tall demonic figurehead of a ship. Prudence urged party members not to touch it, as Speaker Danneth Waylen had instructed. The figurehead was made of black ice, known as Chardalyn, which was known for absorbing magical properties. Much of the cahrdalyn in the region was known to be tainted. This particular figurehead had been hauled up a month ago by adventurers scouting a shipwreck at Lac Dinneshere. A strange presence fell on the party, and Fern saw the White Lady strapped to the figurehead.
17 #TheForgottenRealm #Prisoner237 That night the party took to some downtime at the White Lady Inn, Crank gambled, Oona armwreslted, and the crew chatted up the locals. Vellynne Harpell, who had been staying in Easthaven was present. She humored the party's questions regarding the Arcane Brotherhood, Chardalyn, and Netherese magics. In short, she was investigating the presence of a lost Netherese city and wanted to beat her colleagues to the find. She had one lead that she shared: A disgraced member of the Arcane Brotherhood and prisoner at Revel's End, the wizard named Vaelish Gant. Vellynne was willing to hire the party to extract information from Vaelish, given that she herself was not welcomed at the prison.
17 #ChardalynCaper In the morning, the party showed up to a desolate Town Hall. The chardalyn figurehead was shattered and the bulk of it had been removed from the premises. There were signs of a struggle. Hearing shouts from the basement, the party found the jailers and guards shoved into the cells alongside some new ruffians! The guards, freed by the party, explained that the ruffians attacked them. As they were fighting the thugs, both friend and foe were knocked out cold by invisible combatants. One guard also saw Prudence with the first set of vandals, whispering something to one of them before fleeing the scene.
16 #battle #ToilAndTrouble When talk devolved into a blood price - either Easthaven's children or one of the party's own - battle ensued. The hags dropped their glamour, unveiling their true, horrid forms. The blue, crafted walls too were replaced by the filth of a cave home to monsters. And the feast of four swine turned out to be the four fishermen. Too bad Crank had a bowl earlier... perhaps worse that it tasted half-decent. As spells flew and metal clanged, Alice fell, followed by Maud who burst into a hundred severed hands. While cleaving through the crawling horde, the third hag, Anise, fled while invisible. She whispered her grudges in Azgul's ear before running past. In the end, the party successfully recovered the Cauldron of Plenty.
15 #ToilAndTrouble The party entered Easthaven around dusk after hearing about missing sailors on Lac Dinneshire. Crank recalled that it'd be wise to watch your pockets: pick-pocketing is legal in the town, unless you're caught red-handed. The settlement honors the tradition of sacrifice since its frontier days, but only offers convicts to the goddess of cold.
15 #DzaanIsDead An execution was taking place in the town square. Throngs of Easthaven residents were gathering near a wood pile just set ablaze, relishing in not just its heat but the death of the Red Wizard Dzaan, who the party caught sight of as he went up in flame. Dzaan's eyes frantically scanned through the crowd, glazing over his Arcane Brotherhood colleagues, Vellynne Harpell and another, soon to be introduced as Avarice, before locking on Azgul's. Perceptive party members saw Azgul's eyes widen and pupils dilate ever so slightly.
15 #DzaanIsDead #ToilAndTrouble The elvish Captain Imdra Arlaggath and human town speaker Danneth Waylen were overseeing Dzaan's execution. Waylen left soon after the fire was lit, but Imdra remained with her town guard. Azgul approached the captain with Hazel surreptitiously shadowing him. Azgul learned from Captain Arlaggath that Dzaan was executed, using wood no less, as a warning against evil in the realms. The red wizard had been convicted of murdering four Easthaven adventurers, who he had reportedly hired several weeks ago for expeditions into the tundra. His belonging were confiscated from his lodging at the White Lady Inn and taken to the Town Hall, though Arlaggath kept two magic items for herself as a prize for his arrest. Arlaggath was willing to part with an item as a reward for investigating the missing sailors of Lac Dinneshere.
15 #DzaanIsDead Azgul approached Vellynne and Avarice, searching for answers about his former tutor's death, and specifically, about the whereabouts of his books. How Dzaan had been arrested seemed to make Vellynne uneasy. She had come to town to parley for a mitigated sentencing and to speak with Dzaan about his findings, both of which attempts had been denied. Avarice laughed that the well-read illusionist must have been a fool for meeting such a fate, and seeing that the event had ended, took her leave. Azgul thought her an asshole, and Vellynne admitted she was a haughty but powerful prodigy. Vellynne was staying at the White Lady Inn
15 #DzaanIsDead At the White Lady Inn, the party secured rooms and supper from the innkeeper Bartaban for 2gp a head. Dzaan's former room had been completely tossed and searched. Upon investigation, a note with four names was found under a dresser: Hank Berylbore, Meryl Diane, Gurth Miodal, and Faith. Fern believed the last name was typical of a tiefling. No, not Astrix.
13 The party left Targos the dawn after dispatching Sephek Kaltro before news about the scuffle at the warehouse spread. They decided to head to Easthaven to follow Arcane Brotherhood activities as well as pursue several quest leads in the paper. Notably, they deduced Cora Mulphoon's lost son Huarwar, who was last seen with shady figures, may be located in the sanctuary stronghold of Caer Dineval or ruins of Caer Konig.
10 #ArcaneBrotherhood The party spent the morning in Lonelywood, picking up rumors and reading the Ten Towns Times. They wondered whether to pick up some coin in Bremen, where sighting of a lake monster in Maer Dualdon had scared off fishermen. They also considered the tale of missing sailors near the eastern Lac Dinneshere, and recalled that Easthaven is where Vellynne Harpell had set off to capitalize on Dzaan's misfortune. There was still a killer on the loose, too. Ultimately, the party decided to chase down the golden burst of light they had seen from atop Kelvin's Cairn several days ago.
07 #ArcaneBrotherhood Azgul revealed a particular bodypart to Vellynne Harpell, somewhat surreptitiously. Thus ensued a conversation about the Brotherhood mage Dzaan, who while she is reluctant to help (her coalition's mages are more competitive than co-operative colleagues), was apparently drawing more ire and attention than was necessary in the town of Easthaven. She was heading there to see if she could capitalize on assisting her colleague - and in exchange - be entitled to any knowledge he has procured. She thanked the party for purging the mine and providing her such lovely henchmen before departing.
01 #ColdHeartedKiller Hlin Trollbane had entered the tavern. Observing the party for a while, the veteran bounty huntress approached the party with a warning and request: murders were occuring in IWD. One in Easthaven a month back, another here in Bryn Shander two weeks ago, and one recently reported in Targos.