Old Huntsman Clive


Hunter from Lonelywood
Old Human Man

§ Interactions
09 #TheWhiteMoose A dying Ravisin seemed pleased with her fate. She explained her malcontent with the Dalefolk for the mistreatment of her sister Vurnis, which Old Huntsman Clive later expressed was most likely her rape. Vurnis was a Midwinter Child, a blessed girl and the fairer of the two sisters. She had left Lonelywood months ago to seek her destiny only to meet mistreatment. She turned to the cult of Auril, becoming a frost druid. Ravisin in her youth was the less fortunate of the sisters: lesser in wits, achievement, and charms. She followed Vurnis everywhere, and thus followed her sister into a radicalized worship of the Frostmaiden.
09 #TheWhiteMoose When queried, Sahnar suggested they bury any new dead and return any other dead to their crypts. Hazel accompanied Old Huntsman Clive and put the two sisters to rest with her trusty halfling shovel. Some time later, Joey the Shrub was planted near them to stay in the light of the forest.
09 #TheWhiteMoose The party made their way back to Lonelywood, parting ways for Old Huntsman Clive and lodging at Nimsy Huddle's residence well past midnight. Each party member earned 13 gold for their efforts in the end, as well as a sled full of moose flesh.
08 #TheWhiteMoose #TheGoldenDawn A silvered elvish magic mirror was found adhered in the full moon chamber of the Elven Tomb. Each party member, as well as Old Huntsman Clive asked the mirror a question, after which they communed with avatars or aspects of various gods and received cryptic answers.
08 #TheWhiteMoose Old Huntsman Clive called out to his granddaughter, but Ravisin responded only in derision. Clive gasped at the body of Vurnis, who had long gone missing and was presumed dead. Ravisin blamed the Ten Towners for Vurnis's death, cursing the moral failings of humankind and seething about the need to return the world to nature. Worshiping Auril breathed new life into her, Ravisin said, and it was Vurnis who showed her this faith. Vurnis, who was abused by the men of Ten Towns, was more alive in her death than the party could imagine, Ravisin raved. When the party asked about the moose, Ravisin jeered at them. The so-called moose, she said, was doing a splendid job ridding the Dale of the blight of its human occupants.
07 #TheWhiteMoose #TheGoldenDawn Visiting Lucky Liar, the party learns little from boastful local hunters. The party does recruit Old Huntsman Clive to help them track the white moose, offering 15g for a job done. The innkeeper, Danae Xotal, seems to know a good lot of secrets. She apparently arrived in Lonelywood about ten years prior and set up the Lucky Liar that she has operated since. When pressed on the events of the golden light and of mages in the woods, she hinted that she certainly knew about magical meddlers, glaring pointedly at Azgul.
07 #battle #TheWhiteMoose Three banshees, spectral female elves, surprised the party in the thick of the misty woods. The less-than-corporeal banshee resisted the party's physical onslaught. Old Huntsman Clive fell first, a banshee's phantasmal grasp bringing blood to pool in his mouth. After repeatedly being afflicted by the banshees' wails, Fern collapsed and Oona all but fell, relying on her orcish ancestry to keep her afoot. The party was able to thwart them in the long run, dragging their battered selves further into the wood.