Markham Southwell


Sheriff of Brynn Shander
Adult Human Man
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I've had it with these monkey fighting yetis on this Monday to Friday plain.

§ Interactions
13 #ColdHeartedKiller Passing through Bryn Shander, Fern kept her hood up, perceiving a wanted poster describing a duo of tiefling and bugbear dog thieves. Seeking Hlin Trollbane, the bounty huntress who hired them weeks prior to find the killer, the party, less Fern, went to Town Hall. Here Sheriff Southwell greeted them. Trollbane had given the sheriff the bounty to dole out to the adventurers... which he would have granted if Hazel didn't let slip that she was friend with the dog thieves. Deception failed, the two parties agreed to let the payment slide and call it all water under the bridge.
04 #ArmoredCorps Half the stolen goods were restored to Markham Southwell's control. Hazel managed to persuide the sheriff to let them take the other half to the Zhentarim in Targos and act as double agents.
04 Azgul acquired scale mail from Markham Southwell for 50gp, trading in his chain shirt for 5gp as well.
02 #ArmoredCorps Met Markham Southwell at Bryn's Armory. Supplies have gone missing and the sheriff is suspicious of Zhentarim in his ranks. He agreed to help you out if you recover supplies.
02 #ArcaneBrotherhood Met Duvessa Shane at the Council Hall. You happened into Markham Southwell, who escorted you to Duvessa's office. Duvessa has recently met with Vellynne Harpell, an Arcane Brotherhood mage. You learn that Duvessa has had a hard time keeping the Ten Town speakers unified.