Caer Konig

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Character Role Race Age Gender Descriptors
Allie Shorard Innkeeper at the Northern Light Human Adult Woman
  • Lithe
  • Charming
  • Good-natured
Atenas Swift Mountaineer at Frozenfar Expeditions Human Mature Man
  • Arthritic
  • Seasoned
  • Ranger
Cori Shorard Innkeeper at the Northern Light Human Adult Woman
  • Stout
  • Scowling
  • Good-meaning
Eglendar Korr Tavern Keeper at Hook, Line, and Sinker Half-elf Adult Man
  • Jovial
  • Witty
  • Mercantile
Jarthra Farzassh Mountaineer at Frozenfar Expeditions Dwarf Adult Man
  • Boisterous
  • Brave
  • Ranger
Trovus Speaker of Caer Konig Dragonborn Adult Man
  • Chatty
  • Heroic
  • Drunkard


Frozenfar Expeditions

The Hook, Line, and Sinker

The Northern Light


§ Details
21 #ADuergarPlot After the battle, the party investigated Nildar Sunblight's Duergar Outpost. It seemed that Nildar had been experimenting with myconid spores, infecting Dalefolk in the hopes of creating a small army. A letter to his father, Xardorok Sunblight, beseeched his father to listen, dissuading the father from his chardalyn obsession. Nildar believed that his spore servants could be the path to victory, not the behemoth his father was constructing. Nildar even expressed some worry at the pervasive effects of chardalyn. That being said, the duergar was no stranger to cruel methods of war, as noted by his duergar screamer's painful, psionic mech suit. Oona and company tossed their storage area, as well as Nildar's chambers, recovering 70 sp and the missing items from Caer Konig.
21 #ADuergarPlot The party returned to Caer Konig to rest up, surprising the Shorard sisters with their colorful magic lantern for the inn. They had also recovered Jarthra Farzassh's heirloom pearl beads and two missing sheep.
20 #BlackSwords It was decided that the free folk may not be safe in Caer Dineval's small village. With some provisions, the party insisted they tough out the march to Easthaven. Using their sending stone, they notified Imdra Arlaggath about the situation at Caer and requested a crew to meet the refugees halfway. They then trudged through the night, making their way to Caer Konig by dawn.
20 #ADuergarPlot The ruins at Caer Konig greeted them at entry, along with a drunk silver-scaled dragonborn. This was Trovus, the town speaker. A veteran of war, reduced to a veteran - and ridiculously chatty - teetotaler. At least he was in good spirits. He "guided" the party to The Northern Light inn, The Hook, Line, and Sinker tavern, and Frozenfar Expeditions. They got a room from the Shorard sisters, Allie and Cori; they grabbed a pint from Eglendar; and they purchased six dogs and three sleds from the stout Jarthra and wisened ranger Atenas, for which Crank traded an aquamarine gem.
19 #ADuergarPlot The party was also interested in the Duergar threat, to which Roark admitted he hadn't heard of but that the northernmost town of Caer Konig had problems with unseen thieves. He expressed doubt that the thieves would get caught, because the villagers were spread too thin to form a proper militia and because Konig's Speaker, "war hero" Trovus, was a drunken mess.
13 The party left Targos the dawn after dispatching Sephek Kaltro before news about the scuffle at the warehouse spread. They decided to head to Easthaven to follow Arcane Brotherhood activities as well as pursue several quest leads in the paper. Notably, they deduced Cora Mulphoon's lost son Huarwar, who was last seen with shady figures, may be located in the sanctuary stronghold of Caer Dineval or ruins of Caer Konig.