Adult Giant Man

§ Interactions
14 #battle #TheMeadMustFlow Fern had the charmed Duhg lead her to the interior of the cave, where he had kept Good Mead's casks. Unfortunately, an ogre, affectionately nicknamed Friend by Duhg because the lunk never remember his own name, was asleep back there and soon became roused. This led to battle and a beast war between wild-shaped great ape Tetro and the cave bear Yogobor that Duhg kept as a pet. Hazel developed a signature attack, boosting off of Crank's mitts to crack the ogre dead. He dubbed it the Hazel Nutcracker.
14 #TheMeadMustFlow The party recovered two full casks of Good Mead's honey mead alongside an assortment of loot from Duhg's belongings. They continued to explore the cave, though they had learned that Duhg had a date with a female verbeeg named Gahg later in the evening.
14 #battle #TheMeadMustFlow At dusk the party left the caves with a rickety wagon loaded up with good mead casks. Soon, they ran into Duhg's woman, the verbeeg Gahg. While they avoided her at first, she returned with a vengeance, nearly killing Hazel before falling in battle to Azgul's witchbolt and Oona's axe. Gahg carried a basket of strange metal shards, seemingly scavenged as gift for her lover. The party members deduced this metal was completely foreign in nature and perhaps valuable.
13 #TheMeadMustFlow Stealthily moving through the cave, Fern managed to cast Charm Person on the verbeeg, who was named Duhg. "Fern is friend, right Duhg?" "Oh yeah, totally friend." "Fern can see the casks of mead, yes?" "Oh yes. Yes. I have casks, come partake!" "Duhg, I'm the only friend here, correct?" "Only Friend is here!" As Fern followed Duhg into the cave with the party a fair distance behind, several goats bleated. "Duhg took these from a farmer. He's dead now! Ha ha!"