Elprekt Norbrav


Butler, Imprisoned at Caer Dineval
Adult Half-elf Man

§ Interactions
20 #BlackSwords Five captives had been held in Caer Dineval's cisterns. These were Speaker Crannoc Siever's former scribe, butler, translator, dog keeper, and servant. Lanthis, the scribe, needed convincing that the speaker sold them out. Incredulous but resolute, they pleaded for the party to assist their escape, even if they lacked a clear destination.
20 #battle #BlackSwords With the prisoners now in the north west tower, the party now realized their hospitable lodgings were under lock and key. Both doors were barred from the outside, and at least one was guarded. Azgul and Fern combined an unseen servant and mage hand to lift the bar and distract the guard, but the shadow servant fumbled with the wooden barricade, causing it to clatter to the ground. The party held their breath, and the Black Swords guard blew his horn. As the keep came alive well past midnight, the party held back the cultists while rappelling the servants over the castle wall. Fleeing into a blanketing blizzard under a hail of arrows, all but one made it out alive. Elprekt Norbrav, the half-elf butler and husband to Mylbara Norbrav, was pierced through the heart. Oona scooped up Mylbara, who stood in shock, while Tetro shouldered what remained of Elprekt as they fled.