Arcane Brotherhood Contact
Adult Human Man

§ Interactions
01 #SpecialDelivery Oona and Crank have been working gigs for the Luskan Deliverers, a merchant and courier guild. The were tasked with delivering a small parcel - an unmarked, unhinged metal box - to a Ragammel in the town of Bryn Shander. The commissioner was reportedly an Arcane Brotherhood member named Maccath.
01 Arriving at night, the party made their way to the tavern Kelvin's Comfort at the center of town. The proprietor Ogden Flamebeard gave them a room and turned a bit sour when Ragammel was asked about. Ogden eventually retired for the evening and kicked back several firewater whiskies, while a pageboy took over.
01 #SpecialDelivery Ragammel, who had lodging at the tavern, eventually made his way downstairs for a meal. The package was delivered, a magical sigil illuminating after interacting with Ragammel's dragontooth necklace. The Luskan Deliverers were paid 60g for its receipt.