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Character Role Race Age Gender Descriptors
Boy Garrett's good boy Dog Adult Male
  • Loyal
  • Alert
  • Clever
Ethen Ma Tarbroul Tavernkeeper of Three Flags Sailing Human Middle-Aged Woman
  • Warm
  • Maternal
  • Religious
Garret Velryn Wilderness Guide Human Adult Man
  • Rugged
  • Loyal
  • Weathered
Keegan Velryn Scrimshander Artist Human Adult Man
  • Cheerful
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Disabled
Naerth Maxildannar Speaker of Targos Human Middle-Aged Man
  • Slimy
  • Conniving
  • Sly
Owenn Tarsenal Innkeeper at the Luskan Arms Human Middle-Aged Man
  • Depressed
  • Dispassionate
  • Lackey
Skath Targos Militia Captain Tiefling Middle-Aged Man
  • Vigilant
  • Reticent
Torg Merchant Caravaner Dwarf Middle-Aged Man
  • Unscrupulous
  • Capistalistic
  • Shrewd


Town Hall

Targos Harbor

Triglio General Store

Triglio takes its name from one old fisherman chantey:
“Trig-lee-oh, lads, an’ oist upon the line/Trig-lee-oh,
lads. an’ bring yon fishers in.”
The store’s proprietor
is Jestin Hunrae.

Luskan Arms

Large, central tavern and old inn run by Owenn Tarsenal. Lore/Peoples/Zhentarim drop-off point for stolen goods. The seperate second floor is Naerth Maxildannar's residence.

Three Flags Sailing

Tavern ran by Ethen Ma Tarbroul.

Torg's Warehouse

Torg Merchant Company's main warehouse. TheLore/Peoples/Zhentarim seem to fence some goods through here.


§ Details
28 #TheCouncil The Ten Towns Council of Speakers were in debate when the party arrived to the open meeting. Naerth Maxildannar had brought forth the proposal to bring Bremen under Targos control, given the debts of the Five Tavern Center and the senescence of Bremen's doddering speaker Dorbulgruf, who was nodding off in his chair under the folds of his beard. The votes narrowly passed in his favor as he smugly grimaced at Crank and his compatriots.
13 The party left Targos the dawn after dispatching Sephek Kaltro before news about the scuffle at the warehouse spread. They decided to head to Easthaven to follow Arcane Brotherhood activities as well as pursue several quest leads in the paper. Notably, they deduced Cora Mulphoon's lost son Huarwar, who was last seen with shady figures, may be located in the sanctuary stronghold of Caer Dineval or ruins of Caer Konig.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller The party headed to Targos to investigate the string of murders that they were initially hired for by retired bounty hunter Hlin Trollbane. At the Luskan Arms, the depressed innkeeper Owenn Tarsenal discussed the lottery with them and, after remembering that this party were the ones who delivered the stolen armory goods, that Speaker Naerth may be worth speaking with.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller At the local tavern, Targos's Three Flags Sailing, the warm tavernkeeper Ethen Ma Tarbroul noted that the lotteries conducted by Naerth and Skath must be for the greater good of fending off winter's wrath. They tie up the lottery winners outside the walls for the cold to spirit away during the night. The last lottery winner ran away, though, and was found hewn nearly in half in the snowfields. This most recent winner also ran, but was caught by mercenaries working for Torg's merchant company.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller The party met Naerth Maxildannar in his lodging on the second floor of the Luskan Arms. Captain Skath stood guard and was about to turn the party away, but Naerth, who was feeding his pet flying snakes, heard Crank outside and let them in. Naerth was so pleased to see "his boy" Crank, though, perhaps, the feeling wasn't mutual. Naerth extolled the virtues of the current lottery, the strength and importance of Targos, and the dire straits that he believes Ten Towns is in with the current winter. He so warmly offered his services to the party. He and Skath were off to meet Torg over the lottery escapee, and the party decided to accompany them.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller Following Naerth to Torg's Targos warehouse, the adventurers saw the teenage girl fugitive. While Torg was negotiating with Naerth, a mercenary in his hire, Sephek Kaltro, demanded that the girl meet her immediate end for her crimes. This escalated quickly, culminating in Sephek's execution of the girl and Naerth's digust with Torg's enterprise. Torg, in a rage and panic, told his crew to clean up this mess.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller In Torg's Targos warehouse, the adventurers were able to discern that Sephek was a recent hire of Torg's. He was a former sailor from Luskan who served on the Dark Duchess. Sephek seemed to be a Midwinter Child from his lack of warm attire. He had ice blue eyes. Tetro and Hazel offered Torg assistance in removing and burying the nameless body and left the scene.
12 #battle #ColdHeartedKiller Torg's warehouse thinned out later in the evening. When asked about his time on the ship, Sephek attested that those days were in his past life. When asked about the girl, Sephek praised the winter goddess, and spoke of his valiance in honoring her quarry. Battle ensued, and Sephek's true nature was exposed, as he dueled with sword and dagger of ice. He tested the strengths of Crank, Oona, Azgul, and Fern, but was hopelessly outmatched when Hazel and Tetro arrived as reinforcements. Moments before his total demise, Sephek called for Auril to witness him. Sephek slit his throat and his curdling scream began to intertwine into of a woman. In the cold Targos night, Azgul picked up Sephek's now inert longsword, noting its etched runes: Isolation, Cruelty, Endurance, and Preservation.
06 #MountainClimb #TheGoldenDawn The party lodged at Termalaine#The Eastlook. The next morning they bid Garret farewell as he made plans to find a convoy heading back to Targos so he could rejoin Keegan Velryn. Insightful party members noted his grim disposition, as he eyed the oncoming full moon that coincides with Targos's lottery. Perilou, on the other hand, made plans to return to the Bryn Shander#House of the Morninglord, where she engaged in religious discourse. Perilou thought she might have a lead on the cabin: her acquaintance at the House of the Morninglord, a gnome named Copper, had a wizarding friend who was said to be a recluse in the Lonelywood forests.
04 #ArmoredCorps Knocking on the rear entrance of The Hooked Knucklehead caught the half-orc and Zhentarim ruffian Zarruk off-guard. Surrounded by the six party members, he fessed up that some stolen crates of shortsword, daggers, and light crossbows from Bryn Shander Armory were still in his custody and due to head to Targos. The party wanted in on their transport. Intimidated by Fern and company and tithout another option, Zarruk complied, telling them to drop it off at The Luskan Arms for the usual remunerations.
04 #ArmoredCorps Half the stolen goods were restored to Markham Southwell's control. Hazel managed to persuide the sheriff to let them take the other half to the Zhentarim in Targos and act as double agents.
04 Six sled dogs and a sled were rented for 20gp for the day's run to Targos. It is unclear if this rental will be honored. With the stable keeper in a hurry, Crank noted they never left a deposit, after all.
04 Traveling between Bryn Shander towards Targos, the party passed an ecstatic wailing woman, not dressed for winter on the side of the trail. With a fire cooking some form of meat.
04 #ArmoredCorps The party dropped off the crate for Zhentarim pickup in the shed at the rear of the Luskan Arms. The tavernkeeper, Owenn Tarsenal, seems to turn a blind eye to these dealings. He paid the usual sum he is instructed to give, 60sp, alongside an evening's swill and meal, some fish sausage.
04 Azgul spoke with Owenn Tarsenal about happenings in Targos. The town conducts a blood sacrifice lottery on the new moon. The town speaker, Naerth Maxildannar, and his council run it, and the militia captain Skath officiates the sacrifice to appease the goddess of winter's wrath. The lottery is conducted during the three days prior to the new moon with the militia controlling passage into the town during those days.
04 #ColdHeartedKiller The murder in Targos appeared to be a man who fled the results of the lottery.
04 #MountainClimb A dog, Boy, got the attention of the party and dragged them to the house of Keegan Velryn, a schrimshander and former mountaineer. His husband Garret was a mountain guide and had led a small expedition to Kelvin's Cairn. Boy never leaves his master's side unless there is trouble. At Keegan's request (and a promise of free rooms at the Luskan Arms through his friend Owenn Tarsenal), the party decided they would go on a rescue mission for Garret and company, traveling up through Termalaine.
01 #ColdHeartedKiller Hlin Trollbane had entered the tavern. Observing the party for a while, the veteran bounty huntress approached the party with a warning and request: murders were occuring in IWD. One in Easthaven a month back, another here in Bryn Shander two weeks ago, and one recently reported in Targos.