Kadu's Wondrous Scrolls

Scrolls for sale! Kadu can also craft scrolls from spellbooks for half cost. They may be able to find magic items for you as well. Located in Bryn Shander.

Scrolls for sale


Spellbooks found

Astrix's Spellbook (found in the top of Kelvin's Cairn during the Mountain Climb quest)

  1. Comprehend languages (R), Detect magic (R), Expeditious retreat, Shield, Tenser's floating disk (R)
  2. Alter self, Cloud of daggers, Scorching ray, Suggestion


§ Details
13 The party visited Kadu's Wondrous Scrolls and met the aloof proprietor Kadu, a bespectacled gnome who dealt in scrolls for the plane shifting wizarding world. Azgul took note of her disarray, and she admitted to be frantically searching for a copy of Scroll of Plane Shift, already missing her summer vacation. Kadu offered her scroll crafting services to the group.