Marta Pekryk


Innkeeper of the Eastside
Teenage Human Woman

§ Interactions
25 #RevelsEnd A weak-voiced Stolga Stone announced over the intercom that the warden was facing a threat on the roof of the tower. Entering the central tower, Stone was seen bleeding out near the facility control panel. Tetro healed her up, so she went with the party up the tower, passing a demolished guard barracks, before arriving on the third level's Absolution Council Room. Here, warden Marta Marthannis was sitting with her face in her hands, a hopeless, deranged smile across her face.
25 #RevelsEnd The warden's responses about the slaad threat were mostly nonsense. Lieutenant Stone was concerned that Marta would activate the facility self-destruct and was doubly concerned when the warden said nothing about the Wand of Binding, which was meant to control threats like these. Fern and Stone went to search the warden's chambers for the wand, while the remaining party headed to the roof. Crank scooped up the dazed warden and took her with.
25 #RevelsEnd The slaad threat had been squashed. A good number of lives were lost for both guards and prisoners, and a guard captain named Clay sought to keep the peace as our adventurers rested. Both Stone and Marthannis were dead.
24 #RevelsEnd Azgul, Fern, Tetro, and Gadget waited in the mess hall while Oona and Crank took a nap in the guest rooms. Tetro befriended some of the kitchen staff, while Gadget took a look at the Dwarven artificing used to heat Revel's End to a balmy temperature. One guard was muttering about stomach pains when the half-orc Lieutenant Stone arrived to bring the party to Warden Marthannis.
24 #RevelsEnd #Prisoner237 #Prisoner13 Azgul and Fern spoke with the stern and cool-headed mage, Warden Marta Marthannis. Once it was sorted out that the party were not Arcane Brotherhood operatives, but, rather, adventurers who had found themselves at the center of all things Icewind Dale, the warden eased up a bit. Fern was able to arrange a meeting with Prisoner 13, though the cautious warden refused an immediate audience with Prisoner 237, Vaelish Gant. Bringing up their collaboration with Easthaven's speaker Danneth Waylen and captain Imdra Arlaggath, they asserted that speaking with Vaelish would be vital for the safety of Icewind Dale. Azgul promised to relay a sending stone message and replay it for the warden.
24 #RevelsEnd During the meeting with the warden, all the magical lighting turned deep red and an alarm began to blare. A guard came in and conferred with Warden Marthannis. Apparently two prisoners, Edgin and Holga, had escaped, taking Absolution Council Member Jarnathan with them. Warden Marthannis assumed the two prisoners would die in the ice fields, but sent a search and rescue team out for them and Jarnathan regardless. She had other matters to attend to... dragon sightings, a sick guard in the prison hospital, and food shortages.
24 #battle #RevelsEnd The conversation with Vaelish was cut short, as two red slaad and a green slaad attacked. The green used its magic to assault the party, after which it changed shape and entered the vents of the prison. Guards from the central command tower lent their firepower to take down the red slaads, but soon they stopped responding and messages over the intercom by the Warden, who was activating safety protocols, ceased and turned to static. As the battle ended, and Fern scratched at the eggs under her skin, it became apparent that several prisoners were dead with chests ripped open. Then the lights cut out, and all the cell and tower doors creaked open.
23 #RevelsEnd The imposing prison loomed above icy cliffs that plunged into the darkness of the Sea of Moving Ice. The party saw guards posted at each tower and decided it best to announce their presence clearly. Still, they thought to don some disguises, with Fern and Azgul acting as emissaries of Vellynne Harpell and the remaining party tending to the dogs as if they were porters. The guards thought the unexpected visitors to be intriguing. After conferring with Warden Marta Marthannis, they brought them inside for shelter, stabling the dogs. The party surrendered their armaments, after which they were led down a corridor lit by many continual flame spells. The guards gave them lodging and told them to wait inside the mess hall. The warden would like a word with them.
04 Arriving at the dark of early evening, the party found lodging at The Eastlook. The innkeeper, a teenage girl named Marta Pekryk, who tends to the inn ever since her father took ill, had been softly singing the following verse: Ahead of winter’s wind she came / The lovely woman with no name; / Draped in a fur-lined cloak of red / To the icy lake she fled; / The wind pursued her all the same / As sure as night she’s dead. This song was a legend about a forlorn traveler who gifted a ring of warmth to her grandparents. The traveler died the next day when she departed. Marta wears the ring, and it seems to bring her comfort. ! 250