Ancient White Dragon Female

§ Interactions
24 #RevelsEnd Gadget and Tetro chatted up the staff, who told them some rumors. Apparently prisoners occasionally manage to sneak in contraband through unsavory means. These items are held in the tower's evidence chest. The heating in the prison is less of a luxury than it seems. Prisoners, who wear plain clothes, are essentially dead if they manage to escape. Either the cold or the wild life will get them. In the past even Arveiturace once brought back a prisoner, and now the dragon hounds the warden for bribes.
22 #DarkDuchess The captain's log hinted that the ship had sighted Iceclaws, the famed white wyrm of the north. “That damned white dragon is back, circling above me like a vulture. Reckon she could carry this ship back to Luskan were she of a mind to. To die from starvation, bitter cold, or a dragon? Choices, choices.” The dragon apparently attacked a few days later, mooring the ship in an ice floe. Facing doom, the first mate, Sephek Kaltro, and the ship surgeon planned to head out with dogs to find help while Captain Bluebeard remained on board to guard their cargo and rum. Unfortunately, a passenger referred to as the mage Nass, stole off with the dogs before dawn broke, leaving Sephek and the unnamed surgeon on foot. In the captain's quarters they found a chest within which was some loot as well as an Eyes of the Eagle, which the captain had used to spot threats on the horizon. The captain himself lie dead in his chair, frozen stiff. The rum, the party later found, was largely missing from the holds.
22 #battle #DarkDuchess The hold contained several longboats and a massive treasure hoard, frozen in laminated sheets of ice. While some picked away at this icy treasure, Crank busted down the door to the galley. A gang of kobolds had barricaded themselves inside, attempting to ward off the ice troll. Alarmed, they attacked Crank on instinct. This resulted in their deaths. The party managed to glean that the kobolds were present in service, or perhaps reverence, of the "big one." That big one was the ancient dragon Arveiturace.
22 #DarkDuchess The Dark Duchess had been wrecked by Arveiturace, a thousand year old white dragon. The treasure inside was a part of her hoard. Upon this realization, the heroes made a concerted effort to leave as quickly as possible, taking with them furs and the items found in the captain's and crew's quarters. With the clock working against them, the party was fastening their cargo onto sleds during their final preparations for departure on the edge of the frozen sea when Arveiturace landed on the splintered prow of the ship. The heroes fled into the snow.