Dwarven Valley miner
Old Dwarf Woman

§ Interactions
03 #FrostedMugs Dogs and sleds were rented from Bryn Shander Stables for 30 gp to set out towards the tundra towards the Dwarven Valley to find the missing iron ingots belonging to Hruna and the remaining Foamings Mugs dwarves.
03 #battle #FrostedMugs Six goblins, a goblin boss, his pet hawk, and two wagon-laden polar bear were encountered. Two potions of animal friendship, a bone whistle, and 60 sp were found afterwards. The polar bears were set free by Tetro. The hawk was charmed by Crank and later sold to Hruna for 5 gp.
03 #FrostedMugs The ingots were successfully returned to Hruna et al who paid them each a 50 gp bloodstone - quickly converted to gold. The hounds and sleds were returned, the job finished.
02 #FrostedMugs The remaining dwarves from the mining caravan were here at the The Northlook. They are Hruna, Korux, and Storn of the Dwarven Valley. It turns out they weren't simply ambushed: a rogue yeti plowed through camp and ripped a dwarf in twain. They fled and when returning for their supplies, saw only blood and goblin tracks. They need help recovering their goods.