Artificer, Armorer
Background: Inventor

§ Interactions
27 #TheLostSpire #DzaanIsDead Dzaan's simulacrum urged the players to consider activating the rune chamber, despite Azgul's apparent hesitation. It couldn't hurt to look, they said. The rune chamber hummed with arcane energy as a holographic illusion of its creator beckoned the party in Loross to set an illusion on the golden platform and grant it a touch, to transform thought into reality. Gadget took note of the fissures in the walls on which the byzantine runes were etched. They seemed to crackle and spark, having seen better days.
27 #TheLostSpire Fern used her new minor illusion cantrip to begin testing the rune chamber. She first attempted studded leather armor, but it burst into a black, corrosive goo. Gadget identified it as part of the ooze monster genus. The cracked runes were seen arcing during this attempt. On Fern's second attempt, the studded leather armor manifested, real as day.
27 #FourReghedTribes #Prisoner13 Their shaman, Ulkora Weavebender, was able to replicate the lock-breaker tattoo for Fern for a modest trade of 60 gp alongside sea hag blood. Oona, intrigued by the Bear Tribe's tattoos, asked to receive the markings. It would cost an outsider, said Ulkora, but after finding 500 gp of trade, alongside some mayonnaise from Gadget's alchemy jug to fatten the deal, Oona sat down to receive the Bear's Eldritch Claw. Ulkora removed her bear mask, revealing the glowing, ruddy face of a middle aged Reghedswoman, and set to work.
26 #battle #TheLostSpire Crank swigged down a Potion of Cold Resistance and dropped below. There, the party fought a cornered ice salamander, an inhabitant of the Plane of Ice that had wormed its way into this realm due to the endless winter. As the battle came to a close, Tetro dispatched Krintaas who was barely hanging on. Very soon after a second battle started when remains of the forgotten tower's wizards manifested as sorrowsworn. Battered, the Gadget rescued a dying Fern while her homunculus Finn struck a killing blow to dispatch the shadow creature. Thus the party was able to step into the tower's rune chamber.
25 #battle #RevelsEnd Lights sputtered against black hallways as the siren blared in Revel's End. Gadget, Tetro, and Fern were caught in combat with a red slaad as prisoners and guards clashed against other threats. Vaelish Gant was seen looking for spellcasting reagents. Prisoner 13 was attacked by a red slaad and defended herself with her river tattoo. Azgul was lost in the fray. Oona and Crank awoke to chaos and soon found themselves fighting off another red slaad near the mess hall.
25 #RevelsEnd On the roof, in the chill of heavy snowfall, a gray slaad was prowling. Gadget sent an attack right into the creature, whose image only twisted and sputtered. It was a powerful illusion, but for the moment only she could tell. Crank continued to attack, as the warden who he just sat down unhinged her jaw, a black cone of fear magic emanating from within. Enraged and frightened, Oona sprinted down the staircase, getting nicked by the warden's fingernails. The warden laughed at her own feeble human hands.
25 #battle #RevelsEnd Stolga Stone ran up the stairs and immediately attempted to shove the supposed warden off. She failed. The warden transformed, and the battle with the true grey slaad ensued on the rooftop of Revel's End. Tetro assumed constellation form to bolster the party, as Fern and Gadget laid into it with knife and fist.Oona, having come to her senses, hurled the slaad off the tower. It landed 140 ft below on the lower roof. Crank jumped down after, tossing a lightning javelin and slow-falling not a moment too soon. The rest of the party continued their assault from roof top and tower windows. The slaad, though, was able to take flight, and fireballed the roof. Dodging the blast, Oona opened her eyes to see Stolga Stone incinerated and falling to her death. But the slaad couldn't last. It died midair and fell once again, the resulting splash soaking Crank in slaadi guts and goo.
24 #RevelsEnd Azgul, Fern, Tetro, and Gadget waited in the mess hall while Oona and Crank took a nap in the guest rooms. Tetro befriended some of the kitchen staff, while Gadget took a look at the Dwarven artificing used to heat Revel's End to a balmy temperature. One guard was muttering about stomach pains when the half-orc Lieutenant Stone arrived to bring the party to Warden Marthannis.
24 #RevelsEnd Gadget and Tetro chatted up the staff, who told them some rumors. Apparently prisoners occasionally manage to sneak in contraband through unsavory means. These items are held in the tower's evidence chest. The heating in the prison is less of a luxury than it seems. Prisoners, who wear plain clothes, are essentially dead if they manage to escape. Either the cold or the wild life will get them. In the past even Arveiturace once brought back a prisoner, and now the dragon hounds the warden for bribes.
24 #battle #RevelsEnd Waiting to speak with the warden in the morning to get access to Vaelish Gant, the party retired for the evening. They woke up in the dark of morning to red lights and sirens. Lathander's Blessing had also weakened to 8 temporary hit points. A voice on the communication system directed guards to the northwest storage room where the "blue target" had been cornered. The kitchen staff and council members, including the retrieved Jarnathan, were told to quiet down by the party as they crept out of the mess hall and toward the guard room where their weapons had been cached. There was one guard in sight, slumped in the corner, missing the lower half of his body. As the party asked what happened, a second guard was flung into the doorway, neck snapped, and a red slaad appeared. The creatures claws caused eggs to fester under Gadget's skin, but Tetro and Azgul kept it at bay as Fern picked the lock on the chest where their armaments were stored.
24 #battle #RevelsEnd Making their way to the storehouse, the party met with Lieutenant Stone and fought the cornered blue slaad alongside the guards. It seems this slaad burst out of the hospital patient's chest last night, crawled in a vent, and rapidly grew. The guards reassured them that this was the only slaad detected. Slaads are chaotic abberrations from the Plane of Limbo, a rare sight in and of itself in Faerun. The warden knew that slaads took time to reproduce, but had begun emergency lockdown preparations anyway. The party, though, had just encountered a red slaad. The blue slaad's chaos phage was replicating much more quickly than normal. The lieutenant ran to alert the warden and ordered the party to lock themselves in their rooms. Tetro cleared out the chaos phage from Gadget, who was slightly questioning her decision to join the Heroes of the Crag.
23 #AngajuksBell Hazel, coming to from the deluge of memories, was split between her own memories and that of Anga, a monk who ventured to the Sea of Moving Ice and found harmony in some, but not all, of the frost druids' teachings. Hazel awakened and reconnected with Angajuk, the great sperm whale. Ultimately, Hazel decided to stay at Angajuk's Bell to dwell on these new and old memories. Gadget Gearspark, an gnomish artificer armorer who had been following the adventures of the party, caught up with the crew moments later. She was seeking knowledge to invent armors in an effort to advance people's conditions in the cold of Icewind Dale and had heard of the party from Copper. The party gladly invited her in on their travels as they said their goodbyes to their friend Hazel for now.
23 #battle A frigid battle was fought against three frost druids and an awakened tree. Fern was knocked out after repeated ice storms but was quickly healed by Tetro. As Crank chased a fleeing frost druid and a pack of conjured wolves held Oona, Azgul, and Gadget at bay, Fern returned to deal the killing blow. The party was victorious.