Clerk at Easthaven Town Hall
Young Adult Human Woman

§ Interactions
18 #ChardalynCaper #CauldronCaper Returning to the town hall, the party reconnected with Speaker Danneth Waylen and Captain Imdra Arlaggath, who had sorted out their guards. It appears that a town clerk,Prudence, betrayed them and let in several ruffians and possible Zhentarim who were targeting the Cauldron of Plenty. Fortunately for the party, the duergar chardalyn thieves walked in on this scuffle and capitalized on the mayhem, knocking out both Easthaven guards and their assailants before taking off with the black ice. With great thanks, the speaker was able to finally pay the party for the cauldron.
17 #CauldronCaper At the Easthaven Town Hall, a large three story building with several guards and attendants that serves as both political offices and a community center for the city, the party split into two groups. Tetro, Hazel, and Oona chewed the chud with the town guards in the reception hall while watching the cauldron. Azgul, Crank, and Fern headed into the administrative office where a young, nervous clerk named Prudence waited on them. They asked to see Captain Imdra Arlaggath regarding the missing fishermen bounty.
17 #CauldronCaper In the rear atrium of the Easthaven Town Hall stood a tall demonic figurehead of a ship. Prudence urged party members not to touch it, as Speaker Danneth Waylen had instructed. The figurehead was made of black ice, known as Chardalyn, which was known for absorbing magical properties. Much of the cahrdalyn in the region was known to be tainted. This particular figurehead had been hauled up a month ago by adventurers scouting a shipwreck at Lac Dinneshere. A strange presence fell on the party, and Fern saw the White Lady strapped to the figurehead.
17 #CauldronCaper Prudence led the party members into the basement in the city jail. Crank noted a dour, red-haired Shandar Froth in one of the cells. In the jailer's room, the party met with Imdra Arlaggath. In return for the finding the fates of the Bunch of Knuckleheads fishermen, Imdra presented the party with a choice of a reward: a Grey Bag of Tricks or a Well-Triggered Scroll of Fireball. Azgul chose the latter.
17 #ChardalynCaper In the morning, the party showed up to a desolate Town Hall. The chardalyn figurehead was shattered and the bulk of it had been removed from the premises. There were signs of a struggle. Hearing shouts from the basement, the party found the jailers and guards shoved into the cells alongside some new ruffians! The guards, freed by the party, explained that the ruffians attacked them. As they were fighting the thugs, both friend and foe were knocked out cold by invisible combatants. One guard also saw Prudence with the first set of vandals, whispering something to one of them before fleeing the scene.