Dzaan's Bodyguard
Unknown-Aged Undead Man

§ Interactions
26 #TheLostSpire #DzaanIsDead #GolemGuardian On the third floor of the Lost Spire, Tetro opened a door into a makeshift office. Behind the desk sat Dzaan and his wight bodyguard Krintaas. On the desk was a shield guardian's amulet, which Dzaan could not make sense of because, well, Dzaan was not Dzaan. He was a simulacrum. A copy of sorts, conjured of snow and ice. Azgul made his way into the room to interrogate the wizard, who admitted to have no idea why Azgul was in Icewind Dale, something the amnesiac warlock had been trying to piece together himself. The simulacrum only knew what his master did up until the time he left the spire, and carried out his master's will to watch over it.
26 #TheLostSpire #DzaanIsDead The simulacrum had not heard from his master in a ten day, evidently because the real Dzaan was executed in Easthaven. Alarmed by news of his master's death, Dzaan expressed a desire to replace him. See, in the fourth level of the tower was a rune chamber that could turn illusions into reality. The party was intrigued. Azgul was alarmed. He did not wish his former tutor to regain his flesh, ever since he himself had a mark of suggestion placed on his neck when he first approached Dzaan for knowledge. Flummoxed, Dzaan's simulacrum urged the party to consider the matter, lending them Krintaas as they headed into the fourth level, knowing ahead of time that the spirits down there were restless and an ice salamander had been seen crawling about.
26 #battle #TheLostSpire Crank swigged down a Potion of Cold Resistance and dropped below. There, the party fought a cornered ice salamander, an inhabitant of the Plane of Ice that had wormed its way into this realm due to the endless winter. As the battle came to a close, Tetro dispatched Krintaas who was barely hanging on. Very soon after a second battle started when remains of the forgotten tower's wizards manifested as sorrowsworn. Battered, the Gadget rescued a dying Fern while her homunculus Finn struck a killing blow to dispatch the shadow creature. Thus the party was able to step into the tower's rune chamber.