Bryn Shander

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Character Role Race Age Gender Descriptors
Copper Acolyte of Lathander Gnome Unknown-Aged Man
  • Curmudgeon
  • Intelligent
  • Furry
Duvessa Shane Speaker of Brynn Shander Human Adult Woman
  • Pragmatic
  • Serious
  • Uptight
Hlin Trollbane Veteran Bounty Hunter Dwarf Mature Woman
  • Sharp
  • Righteous
  • Straightshooter
Kadu Scroll crafter Gnome Middle-aged Woman
  • Aloof
  • Travelled
  • Capricious
Markham Southwell Sheriff of Brynn Shander Human Adult Man
  • Lawful
  • Keen-Eyed
  • Friendly
Mishann Priestess of the Morning Lord Human Adult Woman
  • Headstrong
  • Helpful
  • Ex-Adventurer
Ogden Flamebeard Tavernkeeper of Kelvin's Comfort Dwarf Middle-Aged Man
  • Proud
  • Hot-Headed
  • Good-Hearted
Ol Bitey Singing Fish Knucklehead Trout Unknown-Aged Fish
  • Bitey
  • Old
  • Sonorous
Perilou Acolyte of Yondolla, Goddess of Protection Halfling Adult Woman
  • Loyal
  • Religious
  • Brave
Ragammel Arcane Brotherhood Contact Human Adult Man
  • Rough
  • Rugged
  • Dependable
Scramsaxx Tavernkeeper of the Northlook, former Sellsword Human Adult Woman
  • Sly
  • Friendly
  • Tough
Zarruk Zhentarim, Tavernkeeper of the Hooked Knucklehead Half-Orc Adult Man
  • Brutish
  • Coin-driven
  • Lout


Market Square

Blackiron Blades

Local smith. Not the finest craftsmanship, but they'll do in a pinch.

Kadu's Wonderous Scrolls

A mysterious magic shop, not initially open when the party first visited.


Council Hall

Speaker's Palace


Armory used by the militia. Sheriff is Markham Southwell.

The Hooked Knucklehead

Lore/Peoples/Zhentarim managed tavern.

The Northlook

A well-frequented tavern. Tavern keeper Scramsaxx seems to know much local gossip. Ol Bitey lives on the wall.

Kelvin's Comfort

A comfortable inn and small tavern, whose keeper Ogden Flamebeard keeps busy due to his firewater whiskey.

House of the Morninglord

Temple of Lathander and shrine to Amauntor, deities and aspects of the Sun, Spring, and Order.


§ Details
28 #TheCouncil Returning to Bryn Shander, our heroes headed to the town hall to contribute to the discussion on the duergar menace. In the lobby, they ran into Kadroth, the defacto leader of the Black Swords, who assuaged them that the hostilities of the freed prisoners at Caer Dineval were, well, a misunderstanding, and that perhaps they could work together to act against the duergar.
28 #TheCouncil #ADuergarPlot Sunblight Fortress has been located, and leading an army there looked grim. Scouts have identified an imposing fortress and signs of duergar warrior deployment were seen. In related news, supposed dragon attacks destroyed a homestead, setting it ablaze in Dougan's Hole, as heard but not seen by Edgra Durmoot. This dragon cannot be Arveiturace, a white wyrm, and seems linked to the duergar activity and scorch marks witnessed across the southern tundra. Eight ballista have been commissioned by Bryn Shander. At the party's behest, four were diverted to Easthaven, and a potential evacuation plan was concocted for the greater Ten Towns.
28 #TheCouncil #ADuergarPlot The party was tasked with infiltrating the fortress and offered the deed to Bryn Shander's Hooked Knuckled as adventuring compensation. When balking about the dangers, Nimsy Huddle of Lonelywood questioned that if this quest failed, to where could the party even go in such winter? With the limelight on the heroes, they acquiesced for the greater good, on the condition that Kadroth lose his seat at the table. This condition was accepted. Naerth, who now more or less held control over a quarter of the council's votes, offered a standing ovation for the heroes, commending the party's bravery against evil: "The journey is its own reward. A round of applause for our heroes, my dearest friends."
25 #RevelsEnd #ADuergarPlot Tetro used the sending stones to inform Danneth Waylen about the scenario. Danneth's earlier response was played: it put in a good word for them for the warden. The message also informed the party that the speakers were in Bryn Shander for a series of meetings. New tidings about the duergar had been unearthed, and the party's presence at a meeting within the following week could be fruitful.
24 #Prisoner237 #RevelsEnd As the prison entered lockdown, the party took the opportunity to talk to Vaelish Gant directly. Azgul got the pompous wizard to talk about his misdeeds - how he masked himself as a merchant and served as Duvessa Shane's aide in Bryn Shander before he tried to overthrow the local government. He was not only imprisoned because of this stunt, but the Arcane Brotherhood had turned their back on him as well. Vaelish still insisted he would've been great for Ten Towns. The best, even. Regardless, Vaelish had learned a thing or two in his time in the north. First, ten years back Auril had a Chosen, a Reghed woman named Hedrun who was dubbed as the Ice Witch. Hedrun had amassed chardalyn weaponry and converted barbarians into a frenzied cult to attack Ten Towns and cow its peoples into worship of Auril. Adventurers had thwarted her at her tower of black ice near the sea Second, during this time Vaelish's study of Hedrun and Auril's cults revealed the presence of a frozen waterfall at the Reghed Glacier. The frozen fall marked the entrance into the depths and a passage to the Netherese ruins of Ythryn.
21 #TheGoldenDawn #TheForgottenRealm Stopping in Bryn Shander, the party made their way to the Temple of the Morninglord. Here they ran into Perilou, the acolyte of Yolanda they rescued from Kelvin's Cairn. She had been studying in service of the priestess Mishann, who was in prayer and who the party did not speak with. After a bit of persuasion about the gnomish artisan Copper, Perilou relented and brought them to the grouch's lodgings in the attic. Copper was dressed in a furry bear suit, had the deepest possible voice, and was oscillating varyingly between grousing and sobbing when pressed about Macreadus. He explained that the Summer Star was a tiny model of a Netherese Mythallar, a weave conduit and engine that powered their magic cities. Macreadus had become obsessed with the idea of controlling the weather to hush the Endless Winter, despite Copper's protest. The Summer Star's core was consecrated chardalyn but had lost its charge with use. Copper admitted he may be able to fix and recharge it with a shiny diamond, but he feared how you dare challenge the gods with such a device.
13 #ColdHeartedKiller Passing through Bryn Shander, Fern kept her hood up, perceiving a wanted poster describing a duo of tiefling and bugbear dog thieves. Seeking Hlin Trollbane, the bounty huntress who hired them weeks prior to find the killer, the party, less Fern, went to Town Hall. Here Sheriff Southwell greeted them. Trollbane had given the sheriff the bounty to dole out to the adventurers... which he would have granted if Hazel didn't let slip that she was friend with the dog thieves. Deception failed, the two parties agreed to let the payment slide and call it all water under the bridge.
10 #TheGoldenDawn The party mulled over their leads at the Lucky Liar. From atop Kelvin's Cairn, they had seen a burst of golden, warm light coming from the forests of Lonelywood. Nobody seemed to live out there. Perilou knew of a gnome named Copper who lived in the temple at Bryn Shander, though, and this Copper spoke of a former friend, a sage of sorts, who took to hermitage in the outskirts of Lonelywood. One ole crone hinted that the sage may live in a Black Cabin, a haunted place overlooking the forests.
06 #MountainClimb #TheGoldenDawn The party lodged at Termalaine#The Eastlook. The next morning they bid Garret farewell as he made plans to find a convoy heading back to Targos so he could rejoin Keegan Velryn. Insightful party members noted his grim disposition, as he eyed the oncoming full moon that coincides with Targos's lottery. Perilou, on the other hand, made plans to return to the Bryn Shander#House of the Morninglord, where she engaged in religious discourse. Perilou thought she might have a lead on the cabin: her acquaintance at the House of the Morninglord, a gnome named Copper, had a wizarding friend who was said to be a recluse in the Lonelywood forests.
04 #ArmoredCorps Knocking on the rear entrance of The Hooked Knucklehead caught the half-orc and Zhentarim ruffian Zarruk off-guard. Surrounded by the six party members, he fessed up that some stolen crates of shortsword, daggers, and light crossbows from Bryn Shander Armory were still in his custody and due to head to Targos. The party wanted in on their transport. Intimidated by Fern and company and tithout another option, Zarruk complied, telling them to drop it off at The Luskan Arms for the usual remunerations.
04 Six sled dogs and a sled were rented for 20gp for the day's run to Targos. It is unclear if this rental will be honored. With the stable keeper in a hurry, Crank noted they never left a deposit, after all.
04 Traveling between Bryn Shander towards Targos, the party passed an ecstatic wailing woman, not dressed for winter on the side of the trail. With a fire cooking some form of meat.
03 #battle #ArmoredCorps The party fought four Zhentarim thugs in a Bryn Shander alley. They got one to talk after they discovered a The Hooked Knucklehead tavern flyer on him with a note ...-.-.. on the back. It was a knocking passcode for the backdoor of the tavern, where the Zhentarim have been fencing stolen goods from the armory.
03 #FrostedMugs Dogs and sleds were rented from Bryn Shander Stables for 30 gp to set out towards the tundra towards the Dwarven Valley to find the missing iron ingots belonging to Hruna and the remaining Foamings Mugs dwarves.
02 #FrostedMugs A sad, dazed dwarf was nursing a morning ale at Kelvin's Comfort. He was part of a mining caravan that was ambushed in the night. The dwarves were forced to flee, and lost their cargo of iron and ingot.
02 The party explored the Market Square. Saw Kadu's Wonderous Scrolls, an immacutely empty magic shop whose proprietor is on vacation. Saw a carpenter erecting a bulletin board.
02 #FrostedMugs Blackiron Blades. They had no medium armor, but could make you some if you help their supply chain along. They were expecting iron ingots, but the dwarves were ambushed. The dwarves are lodging at The Northlook.
02 The Northlook. Its proprietress Scramsaxx is a retired sellsword. She seems to know all the rumors and has an eye for the comings and goings of travelers. The tavern has a Billy Bass type fish named Ol Bitey, and legend has it that a similar knucklehead trout swallowed a poor heir's signet ring.
02 #FrostedMugs The remaining dwarves from the mining caravan were here at the The Northlook. They are Hruna, Korux, and Storn of the Dwarven Valley. It turns out they weren't simply ambushed: a rogue yeti plowed through camp and ripped a dwarf in twain. They fled and when returning for their supplies, saw only blood and goblin tracks. They need help recovering their goods.
02 #ArmoredCorps Met Markham Southwell at Bryn's Armory. Supplies have gone missing and the sheriff is suspicious of Zhentarim in his ranks. He agreed to help you out if you recover supplies.
02 #ArcaneBrotherhood Met Duvessa Shane at the Council Hall. You happened into Markham Southwell, who escorted you to Duvessa's office. Duvessa has recently met with Vellynne Harpell, an Arcane Brotherhood mage. You learn that Duvessa has had a hard time keeping the Ten Town speakers unified.
02 #ColdHeartedKiller A murder victim had been discovered on the steps of the Council Hall. The victim was a commoner, who had no business in the area. It seems someone is sending a message. But why target a commoner?
02 #ArmoredCorps After asking around town, you deduced that a tavern, The Hooked Knucklehead, was a Zhentarim hangout. Fern overheard the half-orc tavernkeeper and a cloaked figure speak in Thieves Cant regarding moving supplies from the armory. She acknowledged their speech and asked for "work." They considered the request warily.
01 #SpecialDelivery Oona and Crank have been working gigs for the Luskan Deliverers, a merchant and courier guild. The were tasked with delivering a small parcel - an unmarked, unhinged metal box - to a Ragammel in the town of Bryn Shander. The commissioner was reportedly an Arcane Brotherhood member named Maccath.
01 #battle A blizzard picked up on the flatlands of Icewind Dale as the party closed in on Bryn Shander. Keeping an eye out for the warm fires of Bryn's towers, they instead spotted three spectral blue lights. On closer inspection and as they neared the city walls, they saw the lights belonged to cold light walkers, who attacked the group. The group narrowly escaped the icy grip of the cold light walkers, assisted by an armored polar bear who tackled their primary assailant.
01 Arriving at night, the party made their way to the tavern Kelvin's Comfort at the center of town. The proprietor Ogden Flamebeard gave them a room and turned a bit sour when Ragammel was asked about. Ogden eventually retired for the evening and kicked back several firewater whiskies, while a pageboy took over.
01 #ColdHeartedKiller Hlin Trollbane had entered the tavern. Observing the party for a while, the veteran bounty huntress approached the party with a warning and request: murders were occuring in IWD. One in Easthaven a month back, another here in Bryn Shander two weeks ago, and one recently reported in Targos.