Kobold Kommander
Adult Kobold Man
Boss,Total dragon,Badass wings
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§ Interactions
06 #battle #ABeautifulMine Several encounters unfolded in the gem mines, mostly against easily dispatched kobolds, but also against a set of grells that had preyed on weaker beings and caused significant tension in the mine. The party eventually encountered a well-spoken kobold leader with fake dragon wings named T-Rex, who was found out to have been possessed by the Ghost of Janth, a sage who had succumbed to exposure on the iceplains. The kobolds had been seeking refuge and a better life, though through a lot of skullduggery. The ghost wished to infiltrate society and, while rational, had less-than-good aspirations. The ghost was exorcised. The party, tired of shenanigans, told T-Rex and two surviving kobolds to take a hike.