Out of the Freezer and into the Cryo Pan.
The party unearthed treacherous plots within Nildar Sunblight's Duergar Outpost, revealing his ambition to build an army of myconid-infected Dalefolk in contrast to his father's chardalyn driven siege weaponry. Triumphantly, the party secured stolen valuables from Caer Konig and returned these to their owners. Backtracking through Ten Towns, the party stopped at Bryn Shander's Temple of the Morninglord, extracting reluctant information from the gnome Copper about the Summer Star — a device capable of altering weather patterns by mimicking a Netherese Mythallar. In Bremen, the party made plans to set out across the tundra towards the Dark Duchess, and they delivered Huarwar Mulphoon's necklace to his mother as proof of his livelihood. Venturing into the icy tundra, they faced the ground-quaking wrath of a remorhaz, a monstrosity that swallowed Oona whole only for her to cleave herself free in the final moments. Bruised but driven, they arrived at their destination—the enigmatic wreck of the Dark Duchess—ready to uncover its secrets and claim its long-lost rewards.

Looking through Nildar's Duergar Outpost

Backtracking through Ten Towns

Journey into the Tundra


Total XP: 6750


20 · Chronicles · 22

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