Anga and Angajuk's Bell

Sources vary, but the oldest locals attest that Anga was a monk who took hermitage at the Sea of Moving Ice to become one with the elements. Most, though, called her a druid. The Reghedsmen and Dalefolk who stayed in her company found a fortitude not unlike the worshipers of Auril. But unlike the chillbringer's faith, in Anga there was solace.

How the fishers first came across her, we do not know. But the peace they found was true. She did not invite the hunters and fishers who stayed, but did not chase them away... as long as they stayed a path of balance. There were certain fish too young for man's harvest... and some too wise. The settlement grew to a few dozen huts, scattered along the shore, best known for their savvy in scavenging dead whale along the shores and locating prizes of ambergris, sought by perfumers and wizards alike down the Sword Coast.

Anga was best remembered by the large copper bell she erected on the ice itself. At dawnsong, it rang, and around her they would gather: puffins, walrus, whale, and man.

As the party soon discovered, Anga was indeed a monk who learned from the frost druids. Endurance, isolation, preservation... but not cruelty.