Also known as black ice, a strange black material with the cold and luster of ice. The central stone in the Summer Star was made of black ice.

§ Interactions
27 #ChardalynBerserkers Halldor Bonebreaker informed the party of troubles with chardalyn. Tribe members had used the stone to craft weaponry, driving them berserk, bloodthirsty and animalistic, giving themselves up to the wilds and frost. They had lost a fair number of members in this way. Rumors had spread that a blue flame accompanied these berserkers, and that they may have a leader.
18 #ChardalynCaper Following the aura of chardalyn dust on a set a stocky footprints to Easthaven's waterfront, the party questioned a drunkard about whether he had seen any happenings. The drunkard swore that the Easthaven Ferry was haunted, and that spirits were hanging about its cabin. Upon investigation, the ferry seemed to be closed down due to the harsh winter, as per a sign on the harborside written by the ferry-master, Scython. The dock itself told a different story. The boardwalk seemed like they were well-trodden on, as the snow and ice had been stamped down.
18 #battle #ChardalynCaper Aboard the Easthaven Ferry, as the party creaked onto the quiet ship sloshing in the icy waters, Tetro peered into the cabin and saw several bedrolls and the makings of a camp. He lit the area with Faerie Fire, revealing two Duergar warriors and a duergar mind master. The party exchanged blows as several more duergar, invisible up until this point, attacked them as well. With Oona felling their mind master leader, the party was able to subjugate the grey underdwarves, forcing the final two to surrender.
18 #ChardalynCaper #ADuergarPlot The two standing duergar were coerced into talking. The mind master that the party just killed was named Durth Sunblight. He was one of the remaining sons of Xardorok Sunblight, a duergar lord with a mountain fortress in the Spine of the World. The duergar race, known for having lived in the Underdark for centuries, were descendants of dwarves turned grim and having developed psionic abilities after eons of influence by mind flayer colonies. Xardorok's intent is to bring his people to the surface, raze Ten Towns, and establish a footprint for his own people to live in the dim twilight of Icewind Dale. He has dispatched two of his sons, Durth and Nildar Sunblight, to scout ahead. Durth is now dead, and Nilder is in charge of an outpost on the eastern face of Kelvin's Cairn. The stolen chardalyn from East Haven Town Hall was meant to be hauled back to Sunblight Fortress to be forged into siege weaponry. After confessing, the two duergar made a getaway, narrowly avoiding an axe to their necks as they turned invisible and bolted.
18 #ChardalynCaper #CauldronCaper Returning to the town hall, the party reconnected with Speaker Danneth Waylen and Captain Imdra Arlaggath, who had sorted out their guards. It appears that a town clerk,Prudence, betrayed them and let in several ruffians and possible Zhentarim who were targeting the Cauldron of Plenty. Fortunately for the party, the duergar chardalyn thieves walked in on this scuffle and capitalized on the mayhem, knocking out both Easthaven guards and their assailants before taking off with the black ice. With great thanks, the speaker was able to finally pay the party for the cauldron.
17 #CauldronCaper In the rear atrium of the Easthaven Town Hall stood a tall demonic figurehead of a ship. Prudence urged party members not to touch it, as Speaker Danneth Waylen had instructed. The figurehead was made of black ice, known as Chardalyn, which was known for absorbing magical properties. Much of the cahrdalyn in the region was known to be tainted. This particular figurehead had been hauled up a month ago by adventurers scouting a shipwreck at Lac Dinneshere. A strange presence fell on the party, and Fern saw the White Lady strapped to the figurehead.
17 #TheForgottenRealm #Prisoner237 That night the party took to some downtime at the White Lady Inn, Crank gambled, Oona armwreslted, and the crew chatted up the locals. Vellynne Harpell, who had been staying in Easthaven was present. She humored the party's questions regarding the Arcane Brotherhood, Chardalyn, and Netherese magics. In short, she was investigating the presence of a lost Netherese city and wanted to beat her colleagues to the find. She had one lead that she shared: A disgraced member of the Arcane Brotherhood and prisoner at Revel's End, the wizard named Vaelish Gant. Vellynne was willing to hire the party to extract information from Vaelish, given that she herself was not welcomed at the prison.
17 #ChardalynCaper In the morning, the party showed up to a desolate Town Hall. The chardalyn figurehead was shattered and the bulk of it had been removed from the premises. There were signs of a struggle. Hearing shouts from the basement, the party found the jailers and guards shoved into the cells alongside some new ruffians! The guards, freed by the party, explained that the ruffians attacked them. As they were fighting the thugs, both friend and foe were knocked out cold by invisible combatants. One guard also saw Prudence with the first set of vandals, whispering something to one of them before fleeing the scene.
17 #ChardalynCaper Looking for clues, Fern cast detect magic on the remnants of the chardalyn figurehead, which hummed with a dark aura of enchantment, and Azgul sought tracks. The party noted that chardalyn speckles were glowing in a band of several stout humanoid footprints, hurrying about the figurehead statue before taking flight to the west of town hall. The party followed the tracks before losing sight of them near the waterfront.
12 #BlackSwords Wrapping up their lodging at the local inn, Buried Treasures, they took note of the distraught and nervous innkeeper, Cora Mulphoon. Cora beseeches the adventurers to bring news of her missing son, Huarwar Mulphoon. Huarwar went missing during a blizzard while searching for the town's doddering elderly speaker, Dorbulgruf. Huarwar returned days later, but was cold and distant. Cora found what looked like a shard of black ice in his room. Huarwar snatched it back and threatened her to never touch it again. The next day two tieflings with black amulets came to town and offered Huarwar sanctuary at their castle. He left with them two months ago.