Gods and Goddesses

The pantheon of the Forgotten Realms is in constant flux. Ascenscion into divinity is either born between the gods themselves or from a passage of power to a mortal. Gods derive their power from their worshippers, who in turn may receive boon and power from their god's limitless well. Gods may weaken and die without worship.

A brief history of the gods.

All gods answer to Ao, the overgod, though he himself does not play an active role in the world or even have much of a following. Most mortals are unfamiliar with Ao. Ao birthed Selune and Shar, aspects of light and void respectively. Conflict between the goddesses birthed Mystra, goddess of magic, and eventually the rest of the pantheon came into existence.

Auril the Frostmaiden

Auril is the goddess of winter. Known as Lady Icekiss, Stormbringer, Queen of Frozen Tears, the Brittle Maiden, Winter's Womb, and a myriad other titles, most know her as best as the Frostmaiden.


In earlier epochs, she was one of four Deities of Fury, the others being Malar, Umberlee, and Talos. They leveraged their combined destructive power to inspire much reverent fear and tribute.

Overview of Deities

DnD5e lists these deities. The underlined ones are typically considered greater gods.