Vault of Ice. Duergar Dragon.
Our heroes opened the Axebreaker Vault, fulfilling Fern's personal mission to Icewind Dale. Therein they found treasure and danger, as they were teleported one foot into the Plane of ice, requiring them to fend off rime hulks and extreme conditions before scrambling to the safety of the Dwarven Valley. The next day's journey returned the group to Bryn Shander, where they attended the Council of Speakers. Political turmoil erupted and the shenanigans of Kadroth of the Black Swords was squelched, though Naerth Maxildannar's plots wormed themselves into fruition. Pointedly, though, a duergar offensive was identified as Sunblight Fortress had been located. Worries of a dragon under duergar control surfaced, and the party consented to infiltrate the fort, opting to head into the Underdark through the Termalaine mines.

Axebreaker Vault

rime hulk.png

Ten Towns Speaker Meeting



Total XP: 10800


27 · Chronicles · 29

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