Kelvin's Cairn


According to barbarian legends, the mountain is named for the frost giant hero Kelvin Duarol, who was slain here by the god Tempus. Tempus pulled rocks from the plain in a long ditch and piled them atop his fallen foe to mark his victory and to warn others of the fate of those who court the war god’s wrath.
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10 #ArcaneBrotherhood The party spent the morning in Lonelywood, picking up rumors and reading the Ten Towns Times. They wondered whether to pick up some coin in Bremen, where sighting of a lake monster in Maer Dualdon had scared off fishermen. They also considered the tale of missing sailors near the eastern Lac Dinneshere, and recalled that Easthaven is where Vellynne Harpell had set off to capitalize on Dzaan's misfortune. There was still a killer on the loose, too. Ultimately, the party decided to chase down the golden burst of light they had seen from atop Kelvin's Cairn several days ago.
10 #TheGoldenDawn The party mulled over their leads at the Lucky Liar. From atop Kelvin's Cairn, they had seen a burst of golden, warm light coming from the forests of Lonelywood. Nobody seemed to live out there. Perilou knew of a gnome named Copper who lived in the temple at Bryn Shander, though, and this Copper spoke of a former friend, a sage of sorts, who took to hermitage in the outskirts of Lonelywood. One ole crone hinted that the sage may live in a Black Cabin, a haunted place overlooking the forests.
05 #MountainClimb Having rescued Garret Velryn the party continued up Kelvin's Cairn seeking the remaining three members of the climbing expedition: a male goliath named Mokingo Growling Bear who was in search of the legendary Winter Walker Oyaminatorok, a female halfling acolyte named Perilou, and a brooding, reticent female Tiefling named Astrix.
05 #MountainClimb Atop Kelvin's Cairn was a ruined astronomers hut from times well before the present. It was a common destination for climbers, and in its fallen walls the party found the frozen body of Astrix hunched and forlorn. She had been gazing at a frozen, headless and red-haired dwarven corpse - the poor bastard whose head they had seen in the trophy room. Astrix had a Potion of Invisibility and a leather-bound spellbook in her posession.
04 #MountainClimb A dog, Boy, got the attention of the party and dragged them to the house of Keegan Velryn, a schrimshander and former mountaineer. His husband Garret was a mountain guide and had led a small expedition to Kelvin's Cairn. Boy never leaves his master's side unless there is trouble. At Keegan's request (and a promise of free rooms at the Luskan Arms through his friend Owenn Tarsenal), the party decided they would go on a rescue mission for Garret and company, traveling up through Termalaine.
04 #MountainClimb Arriving at Kelvin's Cairn the next morning, the party found Garret Velryn's dog sled and hungry dogs. Having fed them, they traveresed the icy cliffside, saw mountain goat, and eventually found Garret, knocked unconscious after a fall. He had lured a violent yeti away from the group of four he was guiding. Garret is a scout by training, and while exhausted and wounded, is still able-bodied.

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