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22 #DarkDuchess The captain's log hinted that the ship had sighted Iceclaws, the famed white wyrm of the north. “That damned white dragon is back, circling above me like a vulture. Reckon she could carry this ship back to Luskan were she of a mind to. To die from starvation, bitter cold, or a dragon? Choices, choices.” The dragon apparently attacked a few days later, mooring the ship in an ice floe. Facing doom, the first mate, Sephek Kaltro, and the ship surgeon planned to head out with dogs to find help while Captain Bluebeard remained on board to guard their cargo and rum. Unfortunately, a passenger referred to as the mage Nass, stole off with the dogs before dawn broke, leaving Sephek and the unnamed surgeon on foot. In the captain's quarters they found a chest within which was some loot as well as an Eyes of the Eagle, which the captain had used to spot threats on the horizon. The captain himself lie dead in his chair, frozen stiff. The rum, the party later found, was largely missing from the holds.
22 #DarkDuchess In the first mate Sephek Kaltro's cabin, they found a journal chronicling the Luskanite's travels. He wrote about his child, back in Luskan. He wrote, in worry, about the increasingly icy seas and Captain Bluebeard's dragon sighting, thinking to increase his prayers to whichever gods may help his passage through the Sea of Moving Ice. His final journal entry, dated at the beginning of the Fading, the 9th month, a month or two before the party arrived into Icewind Dale, was grim. He remarked that he and the ship surgeon would be setting out into the tundra, hoping to reach Ten Towns, forced to walk into the wilds after the majority of their dogs were stolen by Nass Lantomir. He wished for the endurance to bear this trial.
21 #DarkDuchess The party considered their next steps, unfurling a map and eyeing possibilities near the Sea of Moving Ice. They decided to begin at the west, heading towards the Dark Duchess in search of treasure. They learned that the vessel was supposed to be carrying ale, even, with a bounty set by the Five Tavern Center in Bremen. Moreover, they recalled that Sephek Kaltro had rode that ship, as did the Arcane Brotherhood apprentice Nass Lantomir, who stole a magic bauble from Vellynne Harpell as she was setting out from Luskan many moon ago. Specifically, Avarice had told them this tidbit, and noted that the item's recovery would grant the party a great deal of favor in her eyes.
20 #TheForgottenRealm #DarkDuchess #ArcaneBrotherhood As told by Avarice, an apprentice of the Arcane Brotherhood named Nass Lantomir had stolen a valuable bauble from Vellynne when they first left Luskan. Nass fled aboard the Dark Duchess, the very ship whose wreckage has since been reported. Hoping the bitch died, Avarice suggested the party investigate the matter. The bauble knew things, she said. Many thing. Things that may uncover Ythryn. Things that may weaken Auril. Avarice insisted she'd gladly guide the party to the core of Ythryn itself if they were to ally.
12 #WhaleHunters #DarkDuchess The party banters with a group of thuggish seamen at the Black-Bearded Brother, the lot of whom are already soused before midday. They're conspiring to head north to the Sea of Moving Ice to capitalize on the whaling colonies' incompetence over hunting a particularly large whale. They also talked about the wreckage of the Dark Duchess, a Luskan merchant vessel.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller The party headed to Targos to investigate the string of murders that they were initially hired for by retired bounty hunter Hlin Trollbane. At the Luskan Arms, the depressed innkeeper Owenn Tarsenal discussed the lottery with them and, after remembering that this party were the ones who delivered the stolen armory goods, that Speaker Naerth may be worth speaking with.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller The party met Naerth Maxildannar in his lodging on the second floor of the Luskan Arms. Captain Skath stood guard and was about to turn the party away, but Naerth, who was feeding his pet flying snakes, heard Crank outside and let them in. Naerth was so pleased to see "his boy" Crank, though, perhaps, the feeling wasn't mutual. Naerth extolled the virtues of the current lottery, the strength and importance of Targos, and the dire straits that he believes Ten Towns is in with the current winter. He so warmly offered his services to the party. He and Skath were off to meet Torg over the lottery escapee, and the party decided to accompany them.
12 #ColdHeartedKiller In Torg's Targos warehouse, the adventurers were able to discern that Sephek was a recent hire of Torg's. He was a former sailor from Luskan who served on the Dark Duchess. Sephek seemed to be a Midwinter Child from his lack of warm attire. He had ice blue eyes. Tetro and Hazel offered Torg assistance in removing and burying the nameless body and left the scene.
04 #ArmoredCorps Knocking on the rear entrance of The Hooked Knucklehead caught the half-orc and Zhentarim ruffian Zarruk off-guard. Surrounded by the six party members, he fessed up that some stolen crates of shortsword, daggers, and light crossbows from Bryn Shander Armory were still in his custody and due to head to Targos. The party wanted in on their transport. Intimidated by Fern and company and tithout another option, Zarruk complied, telling them to drop it off at The Luskan Arms for the usual remunerations.
04 #ArmoredCorps The party dropped off the crate for Zhentarim pickup in the shed at the rear of the Luskan Arms. The tavernkeeper, Owenn Tarsenal, seems to turn a blind eye to these dealings. He paid the usual sum he is instructed to give, 60sp, alongside an evening's swill and meal, some fish sausage.
04 #MountainClimb A dog, Boy, got the attention of the party and dragged them to the house of Keegan Velryn, a schrimshander and former mountaineer. His husband Garret was a mountain guide and had led a small expedition to Kelvin's Cairn. Boy never leaves his master's side unless there is trouble. At Keegan's request (and a promise of free rooms at the Luskan Arms through his friend Owenn Tarsenal), the party decided they would go on a rescue mission for Garret and company, traveling up through Termalaine.
01 The party began travel from Luskan, south of the Spine of the World, to Icewind Dale. They were being guided along Ten Road, which has become increasingly treacherous, by guides from the Luskan Deliverers.
01 #SpecialDelivery Oona and Crank have been working gigs for the Luskan Deliverers, a merchant and courier guild. The were tasked with delivering a small parcel - an unmarked, unhinged metal box - to a Ragammel in the town of Bryn Shander. The commissioner was reportedly an Arcane Brotherhood member named Maccath.
01 #SpecialDelivery Ragammel, who had lodging at the tavern, eventually made his way downstairs for a meal. The package was delivered, a magical sigil illuminating after interacting with Ragammel's dragontooth necklace. The Luskan Deliverers were paid 60g for its receipt.