Lost Spire


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26 #battle #TheLostSpire Departing from Revel's End, the party set a course towards the Netherese Lost Spire that had been unearthed by Dzaan prior to his execution. Along the way, the party encountered a skirmish between chardalyn berserkers and a pair of Reghed Nomads from the Tribe of the Bear. The berserkers had lost their minds to chardalyn corruption. Azgul began feeling his stone's perturbing presence, as well, and though he was capable of parting with the stone, he nevertheless kept it. As the parties clashed, black ice javelins exploded with shatter magic. The two Reghedsmen died in battle while the final berserker vanished in a blue flame as he adjusted a sapphire blue ring on his finger.
26 #TheLostSpire The Lost Spire was upside down, buried in the tundra with the jet black stone of its base jutting upwards. A tunnel in the snow descended to its entryway, which appeared to have broken off a larger structure. Fern used Jarnathan the familiar in rat form and noted a sealed entrance guarded by inverted, blindfolded wizard statues.Tetro slid down on his shell, and after affixing a rope, others followed. Azgul comprehended the language of Loross, noting that the statues depicted the head wizard of this particular tower, an illusionist named Lorietta. The statues hinted the solution to enter - those who didn't watch the door could freely pass.
26 #TheLostSpire Traveling within the inverted Lost Spire, the party took note that many items and books had been recently removed. Picking through the remnants, they read through accounts of the magic-hungry creatures called the phaerimm, histories of Netheril before Karsus's Folly, and observations of extra-planar species in old wizarding laboratories. This tower once served as a place of learning. Standing piggyback atop Crank and then Oona's shoulders, Fern opened a chest on the inverted floor causing resistance potions to tumble down and later touched an altar of Mystryl, manifesting a divine elixir giving her the minor illusion cantrip.
26 #TheLostSpire #DzaanIsDead #GolemGuardian On the third floor of the Lost Spire, Tetro opened a door into a makeshift office. Behind the desk sat Dzaan and his wight bodyguard Krintaas. On the desk was a shield guardian's amulet, which Dzaan could not make sense of because, well, Dzaan was not Dzaan. He was a simulacrum. A copy of sorts, conjured of snow and ice. Azgul made his way into the room to interrogate the wizard, who admitted to have no idea why Azgul was in Icewind Dale, something the amnesiac warlock had been trying to piece together himself. The simulacrum only knew what his master did up until the time he left the spire, and carried out his master's will to watch over it.
18 #TheLostSpire #DzaanIsDead In the Easthaven Library on the third floor of the town hall, the party rummaged through the shelves. Azgul was interested in the books claimed from Dzaan's inn room. One hefty tome, The Girthy Sex Lives of the Goliath Tribes: An Illustrated Guide by Volothamp Geddarm, turned out to be an illusion. Through clever use of identification magic, the vividly accurate depictions of Goliath lovemaking faded and were replaced by a Dzann's spellbook, within which was a map. The map marked an inverted building captioned with "A Lost Spire!".