Dwarven Valley



Character Role Race Age Gender Descriptors
Hruna Dwarven Valley miner Dwarf Old Woman
  • Gruff
  • Raspy
  • Gritty
Korux Dwarven Valley miner Dwarf Old Man
  • Gruff
  • Silent
  • Frostbitten
Oobok Dwarven Valley miner, brother of Oorok Dwarf Adult Man
  • Mauled to death by Yeti
Oorrok Dwarven Valley miner, brother of Oobok Dwarf Adult Man
  • Gruff
  • Traumatized
Storn Dwarven Valley miner Dwarf Adult Man
  • Gruff
  • Dragon-Phobic
  • Dull


The Dwarven Valley was a deep rift in Icewind Dale, located along the southern slopes of the mountain called Kelvin's Cairn. Within the valley was a complex network of tunnels, subterranean passages and mines that composed the home of the dale's dwarves, particularly those from Clan Battlehammer.


§ Details
03 #FrostedMugs Dogs and sleds were rented from Bryn Shander#Stables for 30 gp to set out towards the tundra towards the Dwarven Valley to find the missing iron ingots belonging to Hruna and the remaining Foamings Mugs dwarves.
02 #FrostedMugs The remaining dwarves from the mining caravan were here at the The Northlook. They are Hruna, Korux, and Storn of the Dwarven Valley. It turns out they weren't simply ambushed: a rogue yeti plowed through camp and ripped a dwarf in twain. They fled and when returning for their supplies, saw only blood and goblin tracks. They need help recovering their goods.

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