Go go Gadget artificer. From Angajuk to Revel's End.
The party bid a heartfelt farewell to Hazel, whose memories of her past life as Anga flooded forward stirring a renewed kinship with the whale Angajuk and her post at the Sea of Moving Ice. Fortuitously, the gnomish artificer Gadget leaped eagerly into their company. Angajuk relayed the plights of winter in and along the Sea of Moving Ice: a deadly kraken, a mysterious underwater temple, and the island Solstice, a frigid frontier of the Frostmaiden's own. Mulling over their options, the party decided to first head towards Revel's End to pursue Fern's personal mission as well as to interrogate Vaelish Gant. Journeying along the coast, a cadre of frost druids met their match against our heroes in a chilling clash. Eventually, the group arrived at the prison, slipping into disguises and announcing their presence as associates of the Arcane Brotherhood. They were granted entrance and shelter but found themselves marooned in the prison's mess hall, weapons checked and anticipation stewing, as they prepared to parley with Warden Marthannis.

Angajuks Bell

Revel's End


Total XP: 7450


22 · Chronicles · 24

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