Elven Tomb



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09 #TheWhiteMoose Vurnis's body laid peacefully atop a closed Elven Tomb sarcophagus, surrounded by four druidic rune stones and clutching a crystal of raw ice. On investigation, Fern noticed Vurnis's throat had been cut and deduced it to be the cause of death, seeing no other markings. The wound must have occurred within the past two moons. While there were ligature marks along the bottom of the body, there was no frost nor evidence of the cold affecting her vitreous humors. Looking at the runes, Hazel recognized them from markings on local shrines of offering she had passed by in Ten Towns. Azgul recalled from his studies that the runes stood for Auril's four tenets: Isolation, Cruelty, Endurance, and Preservation.
09 #TheWhiteMoose The northern half moon tomb also contained a rack of drying herbs and charcoal the druid had been utilizing, from which Fern took enough samples to use for a future Find Familiar summoning. There was also an awakened shrub that the party named Joey the Shrub. It was terrified, both of Ravisin and of being sentient, and it had some tasty berries. The shrub told of how Ravisin had traveled around the lakes and forest of Ten Towns awakening animals to do her bidding. The white moose is one of these creatures, though it eventually took a far more frightening form. Ravisin blamed the powers of the Elven Tomb or the elvish banshees of the forest for this. Tetro tried to convince Shrub Joey to climb on his back, but the shrub was too overwhelmed to accept.
08 #TheWhiteMoose The party explored the Elven Tomb found in Lonelywood Forest. Several tall elven status surrounded the berm and central moon dial, and they buzzed with magic as Azgul investigated them.
08 #TheWhiteMoose A puzzle at the Elven Tomb involving a brazier, magical glyphs, and a sealed sarcophagus was solved - with minimal injury to Fern's scorched hand. A mummified priestess of Selune, goddess of the moon, arose from the granite and marble crypt. The mummy did not appear hostile and spoke ancient Elvish, but Tetro managed to communicate with her using telepathy granted by the psi crystal. Her name was Sahnar, and she is a guardian entity of the shrine. Her decayed form lacks much memory and cognition, but she seemed amenable to following the party's commands. Sahnar noted that the site has been descrated, but she sensed not why. Sahnar was wearing an ornate cloak in pristine condition, a magical contrast to her otherwise decayed wrappings.
08 #TheWhiteMoose #TheGoldenDawn A silvered elvish magic mirror was found adhered in the full moon chamber of the Elven Tomb. Each party member, as well as Old Huntsman Clive asked the mirror a question, after which they communed with avatars or aspects of various gods and received cryptic answers.
08 #TheWhiteMoose The half moon chambers of the Elven Tomb contained sarcophagi. In the southern room, the sarcophagus was opened and disheveled. In the north room, Crank saw a drying rack of herbs, druidic implements, and a nude, intact body of a recently dead woman lying atop the sarcophogus. A berry bush in the corner of the room seemed to move as well, but before Crank could react, Ravisin, a frost druid who was skulking in this room could no longer stay hidden. An altercation erupted between her and Crank, leading to battle.