Frigid Fugitives. A Chardy Party's Charade at the Duergar Outpost.
During their escape from Caer Dineval, the party facilitated the release of five captives from the cisterns, despite the scribe Lanthis struggling to believe that Speaker Siever had betrayed them. Avarice, a wizard associated with the Black Swords, revealed her own interests regarding the Netherese magicks in Ythryn and the threat of Auril's perpetual winter. She even proposed an alliance. Later, the party orchestrated a breakout for the prisoners. Despite a noisy fumble and an alarm raised by the Black Swords cultists, all captives except for Elprekt Norbrav, who was fatally wounded, escaped to the blizzard outside. No cultists were killed in an attempt to placate Avarice, whom the party thought may be useful.

The surviving captives headed towards Easthaven, with the party using their sending stone to arrange a rescue halfway. They reached Caer Konig by dawn, where they met the inebriated speaker, Trovus, and prepared for their next move against theduergar by procuring dogs and sleds. Guided by Jarthra through the snow, they arrived at the duergar outpost only to find security tighter than expected. Opting for subterfuge, they disguised Crank and Azgul while Tetro wild-shaped into a horse and sneaked in under the guise of delivering chardalyn. When suspicion arose, Tetro charged into the duergar, leading to a fierce fight that resulted in the death of over a dozen duergar, including Nildar Sunblight. Now, with the outpost's threat neutralized, they were left to uncover the full extent of the duergar threat.

Escaping the Caer


Total XP: 6500


19 · Chronicles · 21

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