Black Ice Ice Baby.
In their hunt for the stolen chardalyn, the party followed footprints to Easthaven's waterfront, where they encountered a drunkard claiming the ferry was haunted. Upon investigation, the ferry proved to be a campsite for a duergar war band led by a Durth Sunblight. A battle ensued, leading to Durth's death. The other duergar revealed their plan to conquer Ten Towns for their lord, Xardorok Sunblight, using chardalyn-forged siege weapons. After returning to Easthaven Town Hall, the party reported the duergar threat to the town leaders, prompting its discussion at an upcoming Council of Speakers meeting. Lastly, in the Easthaven Library, Azgul found Dzaan's spellbook disguised under an illusion, featuring a map to "A Lost Spire," and Hazel uncovered the history of Angajuk's Bell, named after a hermit druid who became a pillar of the communities at the Sea of Moving Ice.


A Ferry Full of Gray Dwarves

Returning to Town Hall

Easthaven Library


Total XP: 5600


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